When one thinks about Nevada, he or she automatically thinks of Las Vegas. This major city has a problem with heroin, with a 107 percent increase in the seized heroin amount and a 25 percent increase in heroin deaths from 2014 to 2015. Nonetheless, the area had more deaths from methamphetamine use in 2015 than from heroin, with 202 deaths compared to 71. Other substance use problems Las Vegas has been with pharmaceuticals, cocaine, and marijuana.

Nevada Drug And Alcohol Treatment Centers

Westcare Nevada Women and Children Campus

This treatment facility treats all women, including pregnant or postpartum women and teens. The center also provides residential beds for the children of clients to stay.

Westcare Nevada’s Harris Springs Ranch

Westcare Nevada also treats men at their Harris Springs Ranch location. This center provides holistic and alternative treatment choices.

Bristlecone Family Resources

Located in Reno, this center offers treatment to men, women, Christians, those needing court-ordered treatment and those with a dual diagnosis.

Carson City Community Counseling Center in Carson City

This program offers men and women treatment, as well as treatment for a co-occurring mental disorder and aftercare. The residential long-term treatment at all of these facilities lasts for two, three or four months.

Nevada Inpatient Drug Rehab And Alcohol Treatment

Of Nevada citizens aged 12 and older from TEDS data, 139 of the 6,630 admissions in 2015 entered long-term residential treatment. This includes inpatient care that lasts for at least 30 days. In the same year, 676 people entered short-term residential treatment that lasted 30 days or less. Residential treatment requires living at a facility while you go through treatment, and you can choose to stay for a short period of time or for a long-term program up to 120 days or longer. Some people may just need to get away from normal life in the beginning, while others need to stay on-site while they gradually deal with the struggles of striving toward sobriety and maintaining a new lifestyle.

While some people need more flexibility than a Nevada inpatient drug rehab program provides, the structure and lack of temptations and triggers at the facility provides an environment that helps many people battle addiction. It can be helpful to get away from stresses of daily life and away from the substance itself. Also, inpatient treatment provides intensive treatment that is similar to an intensive outpatient program. It offers a lot of support with staff always available to guide you and help you get through hard times. Another benefit of living on-site is that you can take advantage of nutrition programs and other add-ons, such as yoga and fitness programs. There are also many types of residential facilities, so you can find different ones to fit your preferences. For instance, there are luxury facilities, as well as holistic, alternative and nature programs.

Nevada Outpatient Drug Rehab Treatment

Nevada had 3,220 people between the ages of 12 and up enter a regular outpatient program and 585 participate in an intensive outpatient program in 2015, according to TEDS data. These are the two types of outpatient care you could choose from in the state. An outpatient facility allows you to attend treatment programs during the day and then return home. This can be a benefit to some people who thrive on flexibility or have other responsibilities they need to take care of in their lives.

Some outpatient programs take place periodically throughout the week while others are more time-intensive. Regular outpatient programs tend to vary by the facility. They generally include group therapy at a minimum, while they can also have additional types of treatment. An intensive outpatient program is more involved and tends to include different types of individual therapy, group therapy, family therapy, medication therapy and other forms of treatment. These programs give a similar experience to a Nevada inpatient drug rehab program while offering more flexibility.

Understanding Nevada’s Drug And Alcohol Addiction

The problems Nevada has with alcohol and other drugs go beyond Las Vegas. Its other major city of Reno has experienced substance use with prescription drugs, and the state as a whole became the fourth leading state for overdose deaths in 2016 mostly due to heroin, explains the news Las Vegas Now. Alcohol is also a problem substance. Nevada had 598,000 of its citizens from the age of 12 and older binge drinking alcohol in the last month, as reported in the National Surveys on Drug Use and Health from 2015 and 2016. While Nevada includes problem drug use, it also has different kinds of treatment programs that can support people with a drug or alcohol problem.

You might decide to enter a treatment program when the substance use has become a problem. The diagnostic term that professionals use for problem substance behavior is substance use disorder. When this diagnosis could apply is when it would be strongly encouraged to seek support from a treatment program. Whether you have a severe, moderate or even mild form of this disorder, support from treatment centers in Nevada could guide you in how to stop addictive behaviors. The marks of this disorder are that the substance use is causing problems in your life, such as relationship, work, and financial problems, yet the problems don’t make you stop the behavior. You could notice signs that your world is too focused around the substance, such as feeling nervous about not having enough of the substance, thinking about the substance often and feeling like you can’t have fun without the substance.

In 2016, Treatment Episode Data Set (TEDS) data showed that 10,710 people aged 12 and older entered substance abuse treatment in Nevada. When broken down, you can see that 1,351 people went for alcohol, 582 entered for trouble with alcohol plus another substance, and 1,197 people went to treatment for amphetamine use. Some other significant admission amounts by substance included 1,067 for heroin, 231 for other opiates, 382 for marijuana, 80 for tranquilizers and 76 for smoking cocaine. There were small numbers of people going for other drugs as well, and over half of the total cases (5,690) went for “other/unknown” substances.





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