Substance abuse remains a serious health problem for millions of people across the country. It physically and emotionally impacts those using the substances. It also impacts their friends and loved ones.

Louisiana Inpatient Drug Rehab Centers

Louisiana has a lot of substance abuse treatment centers throughout the state. Patients will look for the one that fits them best. They should consider location, treatment options, and how well the philosophy aligns with theirs. Here are a few long-term, residential treatment options.

Acadiana Addiction Center in Lafayette

The Acadiana Addiction Center offers patients a number of different treatment options, including a residential program, partial hospitalization, extended care, intensive outpatient, and a professionals recovery program. They can help patients who struggle with several different substances including opiates, cocaine, methamphetamine, alcohol, prescription medications, and more. They also have the experience and expertise needed to treat those with co-occurring disorders and can help patients through detoxification.

St. Christopher’s Addiction Wellness Center in Baton Rouge

The St. Christopher’s Addiction Wellness Center offers treatment to men and has a number of different treatment options: detox, extended care, residential treatment, and intensive outpatient. To help patients after completing their initial recovery period, they also offer aftercare, family programs, and sober living care. St. Christopher’s prides itself on focusing on the patient as a whole; they work with patients to examine their mental health and family dynamics as well as their spiritual and physical condition.

Townsend Recovery Center in New Orleans

The Townsend Recovery Center in New Orleans offers patients detox and residential care and they view substance abuse disorders as a chronic, biological disease. The center offers personalized care, 24 hours a day and has the capacity to treat patients struggling with co-occurring disorders. Patients can expect both individual and group therapy at this treatment center.

Substance Abuse Disorders And Treatment in Lousiana

In Louisiana, abusing and becoming dependent upon these substances happens to people across all backgrounds and socioeconomic statuses. In the 2015-2016 year, an estimated 8.92 percent of those over the age of 12 have admitted to using illicit drugs and 26.31 say that they have binge drunk alcohol. An estimated 8.09 percent of the population over the age of 12 in the state has a substance abuse disorder. Sadly, 7.54 percent needed but were not receiving treatment for a substance abuse disorder.

Substance abuse treatment provides these patients with the best opportunity to overcome this struggle. With the right treatment program, they will learn how to better cope with the temptations and unique challenges that come with living a sober lifestyle. They will get the tools they need to get their lives back on the track towards health.

Louisiana Drug Rehab Options

Treatment facilities can help patients facing a number of different types of substance abuse problems. In Louisiana, for example, there were 25,171 patients admitted for treatment in 2011. This included 7,003 who needed help with their alcohol usage. There were also 4,328 for non-heroin opiates and synthetics, 1,011 for methamphetamine, 3,591 for cocaine, and 2,307 for heroin. Treatment may differ somewhat for patients depending upon their substance of choice. Treatment centers generally have the experience and training needed to provide comprehensive care for patients regardless of their substance of choice.

Patients interested in overcoming their substance abuse disorder have two main treatment options: inpatient and outpatient treatment. The right fit for a particular patient will vary depending upon the patient and their unique circumstances. Often, patients and their doctors will want to look at factors such as:

  • The patient’s support system at home.
  • The patient’s ability to take off from work or secure child care
  • The duration and intensity of the substance abuse problem
  • Whether or not the patient has attempted to go through rehab before and relapsed

Louisiana Outpatient Treatment Programs 

In Louisiana, an outpatient treatment option may be the answer for those who have a great support system at home, those who have not been to rehab before, or those who cannot find reliable childcare or work coverage that would allow them to go to inpatient treatment. Of the estimated 25,171 people who were admitted to treatment centers in 2011, more than a third went to some kind of outpatient treatment program. This includes 29.5 percent who went to a standard outpatient program. Another 18.5 percent went to an intensive outpatient program. Intensive outpatient treatment programs generally offer sessions that last for several hours each day. The patient still returns to their home after they finish their therapy.

Inpatient Treatment Programs in Louisiana 

Other patients will find that long-term, inpatient treatment offers them a better chance at recovery. Through an inpatient treatment program, patients remove themselves completely from the environment in which they used their substance of choice. They have a professional, experienced support system with them 24 hours a day. This allows them to receive the support they need when issues come up. They do not have to worry about their therapists and support team being unavailable. The patients have the chance to begin the healing process. They will acquire some tools to help them overcome temptations before they find themselves back at home. They can use these tools when facing the same stressors that once led to their illness.

In Louisiana, 28.5 percent went through a short-term residential program. In this type of treatment facility, patients live at the treatment center for a few days to a few weeks. They go through intensive treatment during this time. Afterward, they ideally should follow up this initial treatment period with some kind of outpatient treatment. This might include a 12 step program or an aftercare facility.

Another 10.3 percent of Louisiana patients went to a long-term residential treatment center. In a long-term treatment facility, patients live at the rehab for a few weeks to a few months. They focus on getting further along in their treatment before they return home. Often, people who struggle with substance abuse problems that have been longstanding or particularly intense, such as those that use opioids often face, find this treatment arrangement works best.

As patients evaluate different treatment options, they will find that the various treatment centers have different types of therapy. Many places will use traditional means, such as the 12 step method. Therapies such as CBT can be found in a number of places as well. Patients should be prepared to engage in both group and individual therapies. Those who desire may also be able to find treatment facilities that offer alternative treatments.

Alternative treatments have become increasingly popular in many places in recent years. They might include anything from yoga to art therapy to outdoor adventures. The goal of these types of treatments is to build up the entire person. They want to help the patient find health physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

Patients who successfully go through treatment generally find it significantly easier to hold down successful jobs and improve the relationships with their loved ones. They improve their quality of life.

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