Like many other states, Kentucky has seen an increase in drug and alcohol abuse and addiction. Luckily, the state has many treatment options available for those seeking help for a substance use disorder.

Kentucky, the Bluegrass State, is a beautiful place to live, work, and raise a family. Unfortunately, it is also a place where many struggle with alcohol or drug dependency. The state of Kentucky takes misuse of drugs and alcohol very seriously, and residents are continuously warned against the health dangers of drug or alcohol misuse. That’s why there are a number of top Kentucky treatment centers available.

These treatment centers offer both inpatient and outpatient programs, plus long-term care options. With all the choices, it is vital that anyone struggling with alcohol or drug dependency do some in-depth research to discover which program may be best for them.

Top 5 Kentucky Drug And Alcohol Rehab Centers

The state of Kentucky is home to many quality drug and alcohol addiction treatment centers. Many of these rehab facilities provide individualized plans to help each patient get adequate treatment for his or her substance use disorder.

Here is a list we have put together of the top Kentucky drug and alcohol rehab centers based on accreditations, patient reviews, and success rates.

1. The Healing Place, Louisville

The Healing Place is a nationally recognized rehab program focused on helping those who may feel like there are no other options. This rehab center provides help to more than 600 individuals every day and offers food, clothing, and housing support, as well as in-depth drug and alcohol rehabilitation.

The treatment program is based on a social model centered around empowerment rather than entitlement. Treatment programs here are open to anyone at a much more affordable cost than many other rehab facilities. The Healing Place has a men and women’s campus as well as outpatient treatment options.

2.  Chrysalis House, Lexington

Kentucky is home to a rehabilitation center dedicated to providing rehab programs and support to women. Chrysalis House is accredited and specializes in treating expectant mothers—not only helping them learn to live without drugs or alcohol but also teaching them how to live productive lives after treatment.

They offer many different programs for women, including substance abuse programs that include up to six months of residential treatment, domestic violence counseling, and help with employment, education, and housing.

3.  Karen’s Place, Louisa

Drug and alcohol rehab centers come in many forms, and the program at Karen’s Place has a great structure. Karen’s Place is a women-only, Christian-based inpatient rehab facility that puts Christian principles at the front of the program.

Based just outside the peaceful community of Louisa, Karen’s Place offers a serene setting for getting well and building a better future free from drugs and alcohol. The facility offers both residential and outpatient treatment options as well as DUI programs, aftercare, and relapse prevention.

4.  St. Elizabeth Healthcare, Falmouth And Edgewood

St. Elizabeth Healthcare is a chemical dependency treatment facility that is dedicated to helping those who require inpatient detox services and follow-up care. The staff seeks to help not only the patient but his or her family, too.

Treatment centers are located in Falmouth and Edgewood. These centers offer a number of different services, including inpatient detox programs, group therapy, individual counseling, a family education program, dual diagnosis treatment, and aftercare programs.

5.  Stepworks Recovery Center, Elizabethtown

Stepworks Recovery Center is a drug and alcohol addiction treatment facility that combines research-based treatment methods with compassion and care. The center offers a 30-day residential program that focuses on healing the mind, body, and spirit. It also provides detox services and aftercare programs.

Stepworks bases its treatment programs around group therapy that is led by certified therapists. The inpatient programs also incorporate education on the disease of addiction as well as individual counseling and regular outdoor activities.

Kentucky Drug And Alcohol Detox Programs

One of the first steps to recovery from a substance use disorder is to detox, or withdraw, from substances or alcohol. Many people choose to attend a detox program to help them safely and comfortably get through this phase of recovery. This is because withdrawing from drugs or alcohol on your own can not only be uncomfortable but can also be dangerous with certain drugs.

Stepworks Recovery Centers provides a safe and medically assisted detox program to help manage the discomfort of withdrawing from drugs or alcohol. The detox methods used are determined by each individual’s unique needs and provide a variety of medications to help with the symptoms of the detoxification process. Stepworks has a number of locations throughout Kentucky, including in Bowling Green, Elizabethtown, and London.

Kentucky Inpatient Drug And Alcohol Rehab Programs

Inpatient drug and alcohol addiction treatment is often the recommended form of treatment for recovering from a substance use disorder. Numerous studies have shown that prolonged treatment provides the highest success rates for overcoming addiction. Inpatient treatment requires patients to reside at the rehab facility for a length of time, usually weeks or months, while undergoing intensive treatment.

Some of the treatment methods used at Kentucky drug and alcohol rehab facilities include:


  • treatment for co-occurring disorders
  • behavioral modification
  • cognitive behavioral therapy
  • group, individual, and family counseling
  • faith-based programs
  • 12-step programs
  • non-12-step programs
  • alternative therapies

Treatment For Co-Occurring Disorders

A co-occurring disorder, or dual diagnosis, is when an individual has been diagnosed with both a mental health disorder and a substance use disorder. Co-occurring disorders can complicate the recovery process, as one condition tends to exacerbate or cause the other. Treatment centers that specialize in dual diagnosis offer programs that address all aspects of co-occurring disorders to heal the mind, body, and spirit.

JourneyPure in Elizabethtown is a drug and alcohol addiction treatment center that specializes in treating co-occurring disorders. Treatment plans at this facility are tailored to fit the needs of each individual for a personalized and comprehensive program of recovery. The center offers a variety of different therapy types, including trauma recovery.

Kentucky Luxury Rehabilitation Centers

Luxury treatment facilities are similar to traditional rehab centers in that they both offer treatment programs for drug and alcohol addiction. However, luxury rehab centers offer extra amenities to aid in the recovery process, such as swimming pools, on-site fitness centers, and spa offerings such as massage therapy or acupuncture. Each facility is different and the amenities offered will vary from center to center.

Liberty Ranch, located in Kings Mountain, is a rehabilitation facility that provides a supportive and comfortable atmosphere in which patients can recover from a substance use disorder. This rehab center offers a number of amenities as well as regular trips to places such as the zoo and Cumberland Falls. Daily treatment includes 12-step meetings, group and individual therapy, and goal setting.

Gender-Specific Treatment In Kentucky

Some treatment centers in Kentucky offer gender-specific programs and housing. Men and women often experience addiction, and life in general, very differently. Gender-specific programs address the issues that each sex faces in addiction and recovery and allows individuals to build lasting relationships with members of the same gender.

Isaiah House Recovery Center in Willisburg, is a residential and outpatient treatment center for men. The center takes a holistic approach to treatment and has helped hundreds of men find long-term sobriety through its programs. Both long-term and short-term residential treatment options are available as well as a continuum of care once patients have completed inpatient treatment.

Paying For Inpatient Kentucky Drug And Alcohol Addiction Treatment

 Many people learn the cost of drug and alcohol addiction treatment and immediately choose not to seek help. While the cost can be overwhelming, it’s important to know that there are many options available, the most common being health insurance.

Many private health insurance carriers offer coverage for mental health and substance use disorder treatment and only require the individual to pay a copay. The amount of coverage and copay will depend largely on your carrier as well as the plan you have with your insurance provider.

A few of the most common private insurance companies accepted by Kentucky rehab facilities include:


  • Aetna
  • Anthem
  • Cigna
  • Humana
  • United HealthCare
  • Meridian
  • Optum

Many Kentucky treatment centers also accept public insurance, such as Medicaid and Medicare. A few of the Medicaid plans commonly accepted by rehab centers include Operation Unite, Aetna, Passport Healthplan, and WellCare.

Kentucky Low-Cost, State-Funded, Or Free Inpatient Treatment

Some treatment facilities in Kentucky also offer low-cost, state-funded, or free treatment for those who cannot afford to pay for treatment or who do not have sufficient insurance coverage. Additionally, some rehab centers will allow patients to pay through a sliding-scale program that is based on income.

Isaiah House in Willisburg offers payment plans and other options for their treatment programs for men. The facility also offers treatment free of charge for those who qualify. Isaiah House accepts a number of state-funded insurances, including Medicaid and other health plans associated with Medicaid.

Kentucky Substance Abuse Rates

Kentucky’s opioid-related overdose rate is nearly twice that of the national average. In fact, Kentucky is in the top five states in the nation when it comes to drug-related deaths. An estimated 300,000 residents are dependent on illegal drugs or alcohol, with 62 percent of adolescents seeing no harm in drinking five or more drinks one to two times a week.

It has also been reported that around seven percent of teens use illegal drugs and 15,000 adolescents have reported taking painkillers that were not prescribed to them. With all of this being said, only a reported eight percent of those addicted to alcohol and 18 percent of those abusing or addicted to drugs seek help.

There are many quality rehab facilities throughout the state of Kentucky that can help you or a loved one get on the way to a substance-free life. The first step is to call.

For more information on finding a drug and alcohol rehab center in Kentucky, contact a treatment specialist today.


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