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What Is Benzo Fury? – The Dangers Of “Benzo Fury”

Benzo fury is a street term that refers to benzofuran, a type of psychoactive substance that has become more popular in recent years, especially in environments like nightclubs and raves. Benzo fury is a synthetic drug that’s mostly popular in…


What Is Cotton Fever?

One of the side effects of intravenous drug use is cotton fever, a street term that refers to the onset of symptoms such as fever, muscle aches, and nausea after an injection of drugs. Often self-diagnosed, cotton fever may occur…


Most Addictive Opioids in America

Opioids are the most powerful drugs available in the United States with some of the deadliest consequences. Found as both prescription medications for pain and illicit street drugs, opioids have the ability to cause changes in the body that can…

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