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Wyoming is located in the Midwest part of the United States. The state was obtained by the United States in 1803 during the process of the Louisiana Purchase. Wyoming now has a population of over half a million residents. The capital of Wyoming is Cheyenne and holds over 50,000 of its residents.

Wyoming is well known for the Yellowstone National Park. This national park see over 3 million visitors per year and is best known for Old Faithful, a geyser, which shoots water up into the air. The park is also well known for its vast amount of wildlife especially the bears, which are only seen inside the park within the state borders.

Besides the Yellowstone National Park there are many other tourist attractions within the states including: Grand Teton National Park, Devils Tower National Monument and Fossil Butte National Park. Also there are four national forests; they are Bighorn, Black Hills and Bridger-Teton and Medicine Bow. So what Wyoming lacks in population compared to the rest of the United States, it makes up for in national parks and forests for tourists to go and visit per the Wyoming.gov website.

According to the United States Census information over 90% of the population are high school graduates. In addition to the high graduation rate, the median household income is $53,802. The majority of the population in Wyoming is Caucasian Americans, nearly over 90% per Census.gov.

Drug Abuse Information In Wyoming

According to state information from the White House Drug policy, the state of Wyoming has a slightly lower than average drug abuse rate than the national average at nearly 7%, which is one percent less than the national average of 8%. Just fewer than 3% of Wyoming residents have reported using an illicit drug over the past month, not including marijuana. A few of the primary abused drugs in Wyoming include:

  • Marijuana: Accounts for the highest abuse rates at over 900 residents being admitted into a treatment center for the drug. Marijuana is a drug that is causing an enormous impact on the residents in Wyoming.
  • Stimulants: These are drugs that increase activity in a person’s central nervous system. It is not know exactly what kind of stimulants, but they are running in second for the highest abused drug in Wyoming. Stimulants have just over 600 residents being admitted into treatments facilities a year.
  • Opiates: These are drugs that decrease activity in a person’s central nervous system and slow down the heart rate. The
    studies have not showed which kinds of opiates are being abused, but opiates are sending just over 200 residents of Wyoming to treatment centers each year.

If you look at the number of residents going into treatment each year for the major drugs abused in Wyoming, just imagine the amount of residents that are dying every year from drug overdose. Approximately for every 100,000 residents 13 of those residents die from drug induced deaths, this resembles the national average for drug induced deaths per an article in Whitehouse.gov.

Wyoming Substance Abuse Rehabilitation & Prevention Programs

Wyoming has a number of substance abuse prevention programs in the state, which prevent drug use in adolescents and teenagers. The programs send messages out to these young adults about the consequences of using drugs. Also the state uses many federal grants and puts them toward drug prevention workshops or services to help young people view the effects of drugs on people and prevent drug abuse from ever beginning. Substanceabuserehab.com does wish there was more funding for treatment centers that specialize in substance abuse.

Besides prevention programs, Wyoming also has systems in action inside their jail systems to help prisoners free themselves from drug abuse. The state has put recovery programs into the prisons to help the prisoners find a life without drugs. The state also has many programs inside of the Department of Justice to help adolescents such as the Juvenile Mentoring Program and Juvenile Accountability Program to help juveniles talk issues out with a qualified counselor and to hold them accountable for their actions.

In order to keep the abuse of prescription drugs down in Wyoming, the state has adopted a monitoring system considering prescription drugs have become a large epidemic in the past decade for our country. The system keeps track of all the people prescribed narcotics to keep from doctor shopping and abuse of prescription drugs. It also lets officials know when a prescription drug epidemic may be arising and insurance fraud by doctor shoppers. The state also provides prescription disposal drives where residents can dispose of their medications in a safe way. This allows the state and residents to know the medications are not being found left in medicine cabinets or taken by adolescents from their parents.

Wyoming also has rehabilitation centers in the state to help those that are suffering with a drug addiction. The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration reports there are 44 treatment programs admitting people every day in the state of Wyoming.

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