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Washington is located in the Northwest corner of the United States and has a border on the Pacific Ocean. It was claimed in 1848 by the United States in the Oregon Territory. Many pioneers traveled into Washington through the Oregon Trail in the 1800s, while on the search for gold. The Oregon Trail is a well known historical trail and many go visit it every year. The Gold Rush led to building the railways through the state to transport goods and bring back more settlers.

The capital of Washington is Olympia and is just an hour away from the ocean and many other attractions. The Cascade Mountains are one of these attractions, which include Mount Saint Helen and Spokane Mountain. Visitors each year go and climb the rigorous trails on these mountains. Another well known city in Washington is Seattle, which has everything from nights out downtown to bicycle tours around the city. Of course the main attraction, everyone wants to see is the Space Needle and go to the café inside of it when they visit Seattle.

According to the United States Census, nearly 90% of residents have a high school diploma. In addition to this, 31% of the residents have a Bachelor’s degree or higher. This makes Washington’s median household income $57,000. The state is not the most diverse state with about 70% Caucasians and 11% Hispanics. The remaining 11% of the residents are mixed between African Americans, Native Americans & Pacific Islanders per a statistic from Census.gov.

The crime rate in Washington for every 1,000 persons is nearly 40 offenses. The violent crimes constitute for only three of those offenses. In 2010 over 21,000 persons were arrested on drug charges alone in Washington and 21% of the arrests were of persons under the age of eighteen. Besides drug arrests there were over 34,000 arrests for driving under the influence of alcohol or a controlled substance per a crime statistic.

The Washington Drug Problem

According to state information from the White House Drug Policy, Washington is in the top ten states for using illicit drugs in persons twelve years of age or older. Last year about 10% stated using an illicit drug including marijuana in the past month, which is higher than the national average of 8%. Although only 3% of residents stated use of explicitly an illicit drug in the past month; the national average is about 0.2% lower than that of Washington’s. Some of the most common drugs abused in Washington are:

  • Marijuana: While it is the most widely used drug in the nation it still affects the body and mind in negative ways like slowing down thinking and polluting your body. Marijuana is sending over 7,000 people in the state of Washington to rehabilitation centers every year.
  • Stimulants: This can include methamphetamine, cocaine or prescription drugs such as Ritalin. These drugs speed up the heart rate and bodily functions above average limits creating a euphoric feeling or antsy feeling. Stimulants are sending nearly 4,000 people to substance abuse treatment centers every year in Washington.
  • Heroin & other opiates: Besides heroin, other opiates can include prescription painkillers or opium. Opiates and heroin are brothers when it comes to drugs. These drugs slow down the bodily functions making the heart beat at a much slower rate, as well as slowing down reaction time. These drugs are sending almost 3,000 people to substance abuse rehabilitation centers in Washington per year.

Other unknown drugs are becoming increasingly popular among adolescents because many of them are sold in local gas stations or stores as a product that they are not. These include synthetic marijuana and bath salts. Both of these synthetic drugs and many others attempt to mimic the drug it is trying to replicating. The problems with these drugs are no one has tested them to see what the side effects are or what the implications to your life could be if you used them.

Due to the amount of drugs used in Washington, there are many drug induced deaths each year. The state is above the national average of twelve at nearly sixteen deaths due to drugs each year. Over 1,000 people in Washington died in the past year due to drug abuse, which is higher than deaths in motor vehicle or firearm deaths in the state. This shows the glaring need for effective Washington substance abuse rehab facilities.

Washington Substance Abuse Rehabilitation & Prevention Programs

Washington has many rehabilitation and prevention programs set up all over the state considering they are trying to fight one of the top drug problems in the nation. The programs attempt to help adolescents and teenagers stop using drugs or never even start using them.

The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Administration reports having over 400 treatment facilities in the state to combat the drug problem the state has been having over the past decades. Besides the treatment centers for substance abuse the state also has programs set up in their court systems to help criminals learn to live a drug free life, as well as having programs in schools to teach students about drugs and giving them all of the facts about the drugs in order for them to be informed on the subject.

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