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Virginia is located in the Mid-Atlantic Region of the United States. It is directly between New York and Florida with the U.S. capital, Washington D.C. right next door. The state is also known to be the gateway to the South. Virginia’s capitol is Richmond; some other well known cities are Williamsburg and Virginia Beach.

One of Virginia’s most infamous towns is Jamestown, where the settlers first landed on their quest for new land. The city is now names Williamsburg and contains many historic sites for visitors to go and view. The state is also well known for the Appalachian Mountains that travel through part of Virginia. These mountains offer many hiking trails; one of the most famous trails is the Appalachian Trail, which has thousands of visitors every year.

The state has many other attractions as well, such as beaches, water parks, and many historic sites. Some of the historic sites include Civil War battle fields, Charlottesville Historic District, many museums and other pieces of the United States history all over the state.

Virginia’s population is over 8 million people. According to the United States Census information, 86% of residents have a high school diploma. In addition to that, nearly 34% of residents have graduated from a college or university with a Bachelor’s Degree. The residents there are mixed among ethnic groups. About 65% are Caucasian Americans and almost 20% are of African American decent. The remaining residents range from Asian Americans to Hispanics.

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The annual crime rate in Virginia is 25 for every 1,000 people. Most of these crimes were violent crimes or murder, for Virginia is known to have above average violent crimes compared to the rest of the nation. Although most of the violent and property crime rates have been decreasing in recent years by 5% or more for last two years, there are still many drug arrests each year. Last year alone over 35,000 people were arrested on drug charges, which is an increase of 2% since 2010.

Substance Abuse In Virginia

State information from the White House Drug Policy shows that 7% of Virginia residents reported using an illicit drug including marijuana in the past month, which is below the national average of 8%. In addition to those rates, on average 3% of residents reported using an illicit drug other than marijuana, which is just below the national average by 0.2%. While the state is below the national average, the drug problem is still causing issues within homes and cities all over the state. Some of the drugs most used in Virginia are:

  • Marijuana: This is the most used drug among all residents in the state. Marijuana increases your heart rate and makes it difficult to be coordinated, such has hand eye coordination. This drug is sending over 6,000 residents into drug treatment centers ever year. It has become an epidemic in the state and the country.
  • Cocaine: This drug comes in at the second highest abused drug in Virginia. It is a drug that can flip a person’s whole life upside down and it is putting over 3,000 people into treatment centers per year in the state.
  • Heroin & Opiates: These two drugs are like siblings in the drug world. The both slow down your bodily functions and can cause over dose very easily. Heroin and opiates together put nearly 5,000 people into treatment center every year.
  • Others/Unknowns: More covert drugs are coming on to the market every day and can be bought at your local convenience store. They consist of synthetic marijuana, bath salts and plant food.

While no one knows the true effects these drugs can have on you in the long run, people are still abusing them due to their easy access. That is what is making these legal synthetic drugs boom in the market place. They are sending about 2,500 people into rehabilitation centers each year.

Due to the drug epidemic in Virginia, 9 persons out of every 100,000 die from a drug induced death. In 2007 alone, 713 persons died from taking part in drug use. While Virginia’s numbers are lower than the national average, it is still unfortunate how many lives are lost due to drugs.

Virginia Substance Abuse Rehabilitation & Prevention Resources

Virginia has many substance abuse programs in the local communities, as well as in juvenile and adult correction facilities. The programs in the communities are more or less gatherings where adolescents have a safe place to hang out with each other and learn about the effects of drugs and the consequences. The programs in the juvenile detention centers are geared more to breaking through to the adolescent, so they can realize the path they are on currently is not the path they want to stay on. It teaches them from right and wrong and also about the effects and consequences if they keep their lifestyle up. The detention centers also offer halfway houses for the detainees to live in when they are released from the center.

According to the Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services Administration, the state has almost 150 rehabilitation centers across the state to provide rehabilitation to you if you need or want to release yourself from the constraints drugs hold on you. To speak with a qualified representative today, call 800-208-4701

Our substance abuse counselors will help find a Virginia treatment center that also includes:

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