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Texas is the second most populated state in the United States and the second largest. It leads the nation in acreage that thrives in livestock production as well as natural resources such as oil, creating cement, crushed stone, lime, salt, sand and gravel. The population increased 5 million people from 2000 to 2010 and increased an additional 800,000 citizens from 2011-2012. It is estimated that 1.2 million people are illegal aliens constituting 6.0% of their population per Census.gov.

Many tourists visit Texas yearly to enjoy the many beaches, cuisine and canyon and ranch environment. The state has had its share of crime though relatively safe except for the escalating problems along the Mexican border with drug trafficking.

Texas shares its border with Mexico that is home to an increasing number of Mexican Cartels who are notorious drug traffickers. This “Drug War” is just the beginning of the state’s drug problem that has caused many different Texas substance abuse treatment programs to open across the state.

The Texas Drug Problem & Substance Abuse Rehabilitation Statistics

The primary drugs of abuse in the state of Texas are marijuana, cocaine, heroin, prescription medications, and meth.

  • Marijuana is the most commonly cited drug in primary treatment facilities. 3.3% of Texas residents reported using drugs other than marijuana. Imports of marijuana have increased 2,000 kilograms from January 2007 to January 2010.
  • Cocaine is the second most cited drug in primary substance abuse rehabilitation programs. Border Seizures of cocaine have dropped steadily since its highest levels in 2006.
  • Prescription drug abuse is the fastest growing drug epidemic affecting the United States. Although Texas has implemented Prescription Drug monitoring programs and Drug Take Back Programs that track prescription written and then later disposed of, it remains a huge problem across the state. Our counselors can assist in locating prescription drug abuse treatment centers in Texas.
  • Methamphetamine abuse and meth lab seizures declined exponentially after the 2005 Federal Combating Methamphetamine Epidemic Act. Meth lab seizures in Texas rose 32% from 2007 to 2009, while staying below top levels in 2003 per Whitehouse.gov.
  • Trafficking is also a major problem in the state in which cartels are notorious for armed conflicts between competing cartels as well as Mexican Armed Forces. Mexico dominates the wholesale illicit drug market in the United States compiling an estimated 39.6-49.4 billion dollars in sales per an article in the LaTimes. With some many different types of drugs rolling in Texas, the need for substance abuse rehab facilities is increasing.

Substance Abuse Rehab In Texas

To combat the increasing rise of people in the state seeking help with their drug related issues, there are many different treatment facilities in the state of Texas. They include both public and private drug treatment centers with the difference being that a public center is one opened with and run by state grants and a private center is one operated by a specific organization. There are also groups which are non-profit, some religious that operate different treatment centers in the state of Texas and over 400 different options for substance abuse rehabilitation in the state. We can help locate any of these substance abuse rehabs in Texas.

According to Recovery Connection, nearly 60,000 people enrolled in treatment in the state of Texas with the highest percentage of those being males at 60%. There are nearly 500,000 Texas citizens struggling with substance abuse issues and only less than 3% are enrolling in treatment programs in the state. If you find yourself or a loved one struggling with addiction contact one of our helpful counselors today. We can locate the right rehab program for substance abuse.

Many of these programs use different philosophies but some commonly use the 12-step method of recovery. Religious programs focus on spirituality as a means to sobriety and most holistic programs implement a physical component as much as separate from the mental and emotional treatment. Statistically the best type of treatment with the highest rate of recovery is long term. These programs usually last more than 90 days.

Narconon South Texas is located in the Rio Grande Valley but also have a location in nearby Canadian, Oklahoma. The Narconon Drug Rehabilitation Program uses forms of social education and is completely drug free not using “Opioid Substitution Therapy.” This treatment has been successful to hundreds of thousands of people worldwide that have been able to regain the functionality of their lives without having to use drugs. This program has the highest success rate of any of the other rehabilitation programs at 76%. For more information on this treatment program contact our counselors today.

Texas also has a number of private treatment facilities in the state such as Caron Texas which is a psychological program that uses both substance abuse treatment as well as medications to treat addiction. The group has many centers, however the replacement drug therapy used can be questionable and produce negative results for individuals who are already addicted to narcotics. Our counselors can help you locate any substance abuse treatment center in Texas and also guide you in picking the correct modality for your addiction.

With the many problems in Texas with the trafficking and availability of drugs there are also many resources for treatment for those addicted in the state.

Call us today and our counselors will help locate Texas substance abuse treatment and surrounding cities that includes:

Addiction Counseling Associates
5646 Milton Street
Dallas, TX 75206
Phone: (214) 827-6400

Anti Aging and Longevity Center of
8021 E R L Thornton Freeway
Dallas, TX 75228
Phone: (214) 328-4848

Crossroads Recovery
5552 South Hampton Road
Dallas, TX 75232
Phone: (214) 339-3181

Dallas Challenge Inc
201 South Tyler Street
Dallas, TX 75208
Phone: (214) 942-5166

Dallas County Juvenile Department
414 South E R L Thornton Freeway
Dallas, TX 75203
Phone: (214) 860-4301

First Step Counseling Center
13610 Midway Road
Dallas, TX 75208
Phone: (214) 942-8808

First Step Counseling Center
219 Sunset Avenue
Dallas, TX 75208
Phone: (214) 942-8808

Gateway Foundation
723 South Peak Street
Dallas, TX 75223
Phone: (214) 827-2870

Green Oaks at Medical City Dallas
7808 Clodus Fields Drive
Dallas, TX 75251
Phone: (972) 991-9504

Holmes Street Foundation Inc
2719 Holmes Street
Dallas, TX 75215
Phone: (214) 421-7580

Holmes Street Foundation Inc
2503 Martin Luther King Jr Boulevard
Dallas, TX 75215
Phone: (214) 421-7580

Homeward Bound Inc
233 West 10th Street
Dallas, TX 75208
Phone: (214) 941-3500×224

Metro Treatment of Texas LP
123 East Colorado Boulevard
Dallas, TX 75203
Phone: (214) 946-5540

Nexus Recovery Center Inc
4525 Lemmon Avenue
Dallas, TX 75219
Phone: (214) 321-0156×2500

Nexus Recovery Center Inc
8733 La Prada Drive
Dallas, TX 75228
Phone: (214) 321-0156

North Texas Healthcare System
4500 South Lancaster Road
Dallas, TX 75216
Phone: (214) 857-0805

Phoenix House Academy of Dallas
2345 Reagan Street
Dallas, TX 75219
Phone: (214) 999-1044×3161

Recovery Healthcare Corporation
9090 North Stemmons Freeway
Dallas, TX 75247
Phone: (214) 350-1711

Remedy Addictions Counselors Inc (RAC)
2528 North Fitzhugh Avenue
Dallas, TX 75204
Phone: (214) 324-5400

Road to Recovery
9401 LBJ Freeway
Dallas, TX 75243
Phone: (214) 503-3764×3

Solace Counseling Assoicates PLLC
1475 Prudential Drive
Dallas, TX 75235
Phone: (214) 522-4640

Solutions Outpatient Services
5327 North Central Expressway
Dallas, TX 75205
Phone: (214) 369-1155

Southwest Behavioral Systems Inc
3827 South Buckner Boulevard
Dallas, TX 75227
Phone: (214) 489-9300

1705 Martin Luther King Jr Boulevard
Dallas, TX 75215
Phone: (214) 421-9100

TRS Behavioral Care Inc
5646 Milton Street
Dallas, TX 75206
Phone: (214) 361-9708

Turtle Creek Manor Inc
2707 Routh Street
Dallas, TX 75201
Phone: (214) 871-2483

Welcome House Inc
921 North Peak Street
Dallas, TX 75204
Phone: (214) 887-0696

West Texas Counseling and
1808 Market Center Boulevard
Dallas, TX 75207
Phone: (214) 630-7146

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