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Tennessee is considered one of the Southern states in the United States. The state was the sixteenth state accepted into the Union in 1796. It now has over 6 million people living in Tennessee. The capital is Nashville; some of the other large cities in Tennessee are Memphis, Knoxville and Chattanooga.

The state is well known for the Civil War battlegrounds that are located all across the state. There are museums with the memorabilia of the battles in them, as well as actually grounds where the battles were fought to go and visit. Also there are historic sites where Andrew Johnson had his tailor shop and two of his homes.

Besides historic sites the state also has the Mississippi River on one of their borders and many recreational activities that you can take part in. There are state parks across the state with trails, fishing, hiking and camping available. There is also water parks, shopping and nightlife in the cities for those that do not like the outdoors.

According to the United State Census, the majority of residents are Caucasian Americans and African Americans. There is also a mix of Hispanics in the population. In addition, 82% of these residents have graduated high school and a little over 20% have gone on to obtain Bachelor’s degrees. Therefore, the average household is a little over $40,000 per year.

In Tennessee, there were over 6,000 arrests in the state last year. These arrests ranged from petty theft to murder. The majority of these crimes were property crimes, such as theft or vandalism. Although drug arrests were still very high for the year, over 30,000 adults were charged with drug charges and over 3,000 adolescents were charged as well.

How Severe Is the Drug Problem In Tennessee

According to the White House Drug Policy records, Tennessee ranked first in illegal use of prescription pain killers for people over 26 years old. Just over 8% admitted to using an illegal drug including marijuana, which is above the national average that is just below 8%.

While 4% of people admitted to using an illicit drug that was not marijuana, which is also higher than the national average that is at 3%. Some of the primary drugs used in the state are:

  • Opiates: These include prescription pills and other street drugs. Opiates slow down bodily functions and delay reaction time. The drug is the most abused in the state and also ranks the state at number one for the most citizens abusing prescription pills. Nearly 2,500 people are put into treatment centers each year from abusing opiates.
  • Marijuana: This is the second most abused drug in the state. While you may think it improves the task you do, it actually decreases reaction time and slows down the process in your brain. Marijuana is sending nearly 1,500 people into treatment centers ever year in Tennessee.
  • Cocaine: It speeds up your bodily functions and increases heart rate. The drug is dangerous and can cause heart attacks if used. Cocaine is sending approximately 1,000 people into treatment every year.

All of these drugs are capturing the lives of the person abusing them, their families and their communities. Due to a large amount of drug use in Tennessee, drug induced deaths are above the national average. Tennessee’s average death rate due to drugs is almost 17 people per every 100,000, while the national average is at approximately 12 people per every 100,000. This is an epidemic across the state is breaking up families and homes.

[Ref: https://www.whitehouse.gov/sites/default/files/docs/state_profile_-_tennessee.pdf]

Tennessee Substance Abuse Rehabilitation & Prevention Options

Tennessee has a number of prevention programs to combat the prescription pill epidemic that has taken over the entire state. The state has drives where they collect all of the citizen’s old prescriptions to prevent teenagers from taking them out of their parent’s medicine cabinets. The law enforcement agencies and the state legislature have recently taken part in monitoring who is being prescribed drugs and arresting all of those who are falsifying their medical reports to get more prescription drugs. This monitoring system also prevents persons from going to multiple doctors and has multiple prescriptions.

Besides combating the prescription pill epidemic the state also has programs in schools to educate the adolescents about the effects of drugs and consequences of using them. There are also programs in the department of justice institutions that teach criminals how to live a drug free life and be a part of society instead of committing crimes the rest of their lives.

The state has approximately 173 treatment facilities across the state to assist those that want to come off of drugs. These centers are all operational and ready to help you with your drug addiction. The facilities range from 12 step to a more holistic approach to rehabilitation. To find the treatment center that best suits your needs call a qualified counselor today at 800-208-4701.

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