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South Dakota is located in the Midwest of the United States. It did not gain statehood until 1889 and took twenty years after the state gained statehood for the residents to decide on a state capital. The capital was finally settled and became Pierre. The state is not one of the first ones to come to your mind when thinking about exciting places to go, but they have many historical sites and recreational activities to take part in.

The state is probably most famous for Lewis and Clark travelling through it on their search for land in the West. There are historical sites that track their trail through the state and museums with items from the trail as well. Before Lewis and Clark came through the territory the Sioux Native Americans resided in the area. The Natives still live there on reservations and have many historical items that offer a valuable and interesting piece of history. There is also a historical army fort formerly known as Fort Wadsworth and later renamed Fort Sisseton. It is one of the best preserved military forts in the United States and has many visitors each year to go and visit this site, as well as many others.

The most famous monument in South Dakota is Mount Rushmore, the piece of land with the presidents faces carved into. This attraction brings thousands of people to it every year. It is a majestic attraction to go and view and a true piece of history. While there are many historical sites in South Dakota, they also have recreational activities for one to take part in, such as hiking trails in their state parks, the Corn Palace and the Crazy Horse Memorial. There are mostly outdoor activities to take part in and enjoy the Midwest air.

According to the United State Census there are over 800,000 people residing in South Dakota. The majority of the population is either Caucasian American or Native American. Nearly 90% of the residents have a high school diploma and 25% of them went on to obtain a Bachelor’s degree or higher.

What Are The Biggest Issues Regarding Drug Abuse In South Dakota

According to the Department of Justice in South Dakota, there were over 50,000 crimes committed in the state last year. Most of the crimes committed were property theft or violent crimes. There was over 3,000 drug arrests and over 5,000 DUI arrests in the state. While this is a decrease from the year before, it is still a large number of arrests related to drug and alcohol. [Ref: https://dci.sd.gov/LinkClick.aspx?fileticket=uM90XFiDR-U%3d&tabid=320&mid=940]

The White House Drug Policy reports that 6% of residents admit to using an illicit drug including marijuana, which is below the national average of 8%. Furthermore, just 2% of residents admit to using an illicit drug other than marijuana, which is also lower than the national average of 3%. While the rates may be lower than the national average to issue is still a problem in the state. Some of the major drugs abused in the state are:

Marijuana: This is the most widely used drug in the state. There are many incidents with arrests for drugged driving. Many do not think marijuana affects their reactions, but in all actuality it slows down response time. This drug is send over 1,400 people into treatment centers every year.

Stimulants: According to reports, this is the second most used drug in South Dakota. This category includes cocaine, methamphetamine or Ritalin. Stimulants speed up your bodily functions and elude people to feel focused. They are sending nearly 500 people in the state to treatment centers ever year.

Opiates: While this drug is not abused as much, it is still sending approximately 300 people into treatment centers every year. Opiates can include opium, prescription pain killers or heroin. It can have wretched effects on a person body after a short period of time and can destroy one’s life.

There are a number of other drugs abused in the South Dakota such as unknowns, cocaine, inhalants and tranquilizers. Due to the drug problem in the state 4 people out of every 100,000 persons die per year; while this is below the national average of 12 per every 100,000 it is still destroying families and communities all over the state.

What Are The Primary Substance Abuse Treatment & Prevention Efforts In South Dakota

The state offers many prevention programs that give data to adolescents on the effects of drugs on the body and mind. These programs give the data to adolescents and the parents to help prevent drug use from ever starting and help give these children a safe community to surround themselves with.

South Dakota also has a “24/7 Sobriety” program in effect, which is helping to stop drunk and drugged driving. They have had a major problem with these offenses and are working to change the statistics and decrease the rate of DUI and DWI. The program is geared to repeat offenders of these charges to rehabilitate them and either keep them off the road or learn how to be more responsible.

According to the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Service Administration, there are approximately 53 rehabilitation facilities across the state to service you in your need for help. To find a program that best suits your needs call a qualified counselor today at 800-208-4701.

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