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Rhode Island

Rhode Island is located in the Northeastern part of the United States. It is also the smallest state in the country. The state was one of the first colonies at the time to fight back against the British. The colonists burnt down the sloop Liberty in 1769. Then in 1776, Rhode Island was the first state to declare independence and have no allegiance to Great Britain.

While the state is small, it still has over a million residents living within its state lines. The capital is Providence and some other well-known cities in the state are Cranston, Pawtucket and Newport. The state is home to the Newport Beaches, where many come to lay on the shore every summer and enjoy the sun.

There are many attractions in this little state. One that is located on Newport Beach is the Belcourt Castle, where the owner still lives in the luxurious home and opens it up to visitors to enjoy with them. There are also boat tours in the rivers and oceans, many art or historical museums to go and visit as well. The biggest attraction is Newport Beach and the mansions located in the town. Visitors flock to the beach every year to play in the sun and enjoy the attractions located near the shoreline.

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According to the United States Census, approximately 84% of residents have received a high school diploma and 30% of those persons have gone on to obtain a Bachelor’s degree or higher. This in turn makes the median household income almost $55,000 per year. The majority of ethnic groups located within the state are Caucasian Americans, African Americans and a small percentage of Hispanics.

The State Department of Justice reports over 60,000 crimes committed in the last year. Most of the arrests were for property or violence. Approximately 4,500 of the total arrests were drug related charges. The amount of crime in a year is less than many states, but Rhode Island is also smaller than most states in the United States.

Drug Abuse Issues In Rhode Island

According to the White House Drug Policy, Rhode Island reported 13% of persons used an illicit drug in the past month, which is excessively over the national average that is at 8%.

In addition to this almost 6% of persons reported using an illicit drug other than marijuana in the last month, where the national average is just 3%. The state is reported to be in the top ten highest drug use states with persons older the 12 years old. Some of the major drugs used in the state are:

  • Heroin: This is the most widely abused drug in the state. It is a depressant, which slows the bodily functions and destroys homes. Heroin is sending nearly 2,000 persons to treatment centers each year in the state.
  • Marijuana: This is the second most widely abused drug in Rhode Island. Many think nothing of using marijuana, but it can affect your life in a negative way. If it did not there would not be over 1,400 persons being admitted into treatment facilities per year in the state.
  • Cocaine: It is a specific kind of stimulant that speeds up the heart rate and makes people prone to heart attacks. The drug is sending nearly 800 persons into treatment centers each year in the state.
  • Opiates: These can include opium and prescription pain killers, but is not limited to those.

The prescription end of opiates has become a huge epidemic. Opiates alone are sending over 1,400 persons to treatment centers each yeah in Rhode Island.

Due to the negative effects of drugs, the drug induced deaths rate in Rhode Island is higher than the national average. Approximately 13 persons out of every 100,000 die from drugs every year compared with the 12 per every 100,000 that die in the national average. In the state more people die of drug related causes than motor vehicle accidents or firearms.

Rhode Island Treatment & Prevention Information

The state actually passed a Substance Abuse Prevention Act, which is working to move prevention programs into the community run by the community. The program also put prevention task forces into effect all throughout the state to speak with adolescents and teach you about drugs and the consequences of what could happen if you used drugs.

Rhode Island also has rehabilitation across the state to support you when you need help to come off of drugs. According to the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Administration Services, there are approximately 50 rehabilitation centers in the state to service you. The state has either inpatient or outpatient facilities, so to find one that suits your needs call a qualified counselor today at 800-408-2701.

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