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North Dakota is located in the North Midwest part of the United States. During the Louisiana Purchase, part of North Dakota was purchased. It did not become a state until 1889. The state became part of the United States the same day as South Dakota, so it can be considered either the 39th or 40th state inducted into the United States. Bismarck did not become the capital until 1883. North Dakota now has almost 700,000 residents. The large cities in the state are the capital, Fargo and Grand Forks.

The famous travelers Louis and Clark traveled through the state on their quest. These two explorers were the first settlers to step onto what is now North Dakota. Therefore, there are historical sites for you to go and visit about the trail they traveled on.

Some other activities to do in the state are camping or hunting out in the wilderness. If you aren’t fond of the outdoors you can go to museums to hear the legend of the state or go to the comedy club in town. You can also go and play golf or go down to the docks by the Mississippi River.

According to the United States Census, approximately 90% of the residents have received a high school diploma. In addition to this, about 26% of high school graduates have gone on to obtain a Bachelor’s degree or higher. The major ethnic group in the state is primarily Caucasian Americans; the other 10% of residents mix of American Natives, Hispanics and African Americans.

The crime rate in the state is relatively low compared to other states in the United States. There are under 30,000 arrests made each year in the state. Drug arrests were over 2,000 of the arrests made out of the 30,000. Juveniles made up about 21% of all arrests made and 16% of all drug arrests.

The Basic Breakdown Of The North Dakota Drug Problem

According to the White House Drug Policy, the state is below the national average for drug use. On average, 5% of residents admitted to using an illicit drug in the past month. In addition to this, about 2% reported using an illicit drug other than marijuana. Both of these numbers are below the national averages, which are at 8% for use on illicit drugs and 3% for illicit drugs other than marijuana. The major drugs used in the state are as follows:

Marijuana: This drug is the most widely used drug in the state. Marijuana is a drug most look at like a party drug or relaxant. It will actually take over your life and continue down a no good path. The drug sends over 500 people to treatment centers each year. While this is a low number compared to the rest of the world whose numbers are in the thousands, it is still an epidemic for the state.

Stimulants: This category can include cocaine, methamphetamine or prescription stimulants such as Ritalin. These drugs speed up your body’s functions and increase heart rate. This drug is tied for the second most abused drug in the state. Stimulants send on average 100 residents into treatment centers each year.

Opiates: This category ranges from heroin to prescription pain killers. These drugs have the opposite effect of stimulants; they slow down heart rate and body functions. This drug is abused just as much as stimulants are abused. Opiates also send on average 100 residents into treatment centers each year.

Due to the amount of drug use in the state, there are a decent amount of drug induced deaths. While the rate may be lower than the national average, which is at 12 per every 100,000 people. North Dakota still loses about 6 per every 100,000 every year due to drugs induced deaths. This number may be lower than the national average it is still a tragedy to lose lives that do not need to be lost.

[Ref: https://www.whitehouse.gov/sites/default/files/docs/state_profile_-_north_dakota.pdf]

North Dakota Needs More Options For Rehab & Prevention

The state has a number of prevention programs to keep their drug rates low. These include community level programs which let adolescents know about drugs and keep them informed to attempt to keep them off of drugs from the start. North Dakota is also a part of the Drug Take-Back Program. This program safely disposes of prescription pills to reduce the rate an adolescent uses the drugs out of the medicine cabinets at home.

North Dakota has rehabilitation centers across the state to help you overcome your drug addiction as well. There are a number of different kinds of facilities to best suit your needs.

The state has religion based programs to 12 Step Programs to better assist you. There are also more holistic programs, which do not take the standard approach to drug abuse. North Dakota has over 50 facilities operating across the state according to the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Administration Services. To find the facility that suits your needs, call a qualified counselor today at 800-208-4701.

Our counselors can find North Dakota substance abuse programs and other services that include:

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