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New York

New York is located in the Northeastern part of the United States. The capital of the state is Albany. The other large city is New York City, which is one of the most well known states in the United States. The state held the first Congress Conference to discuss England’s Stamp Act that was placed on the United States. The state declared its dependence in 1776 and became one of the 13 colonies. It was the 11th state to become part of the nation.

New York City became the first capital of the United States and held George Washington’s inauguration. There are many museums to visit while you are in the state on America’s history. Besides the early history there is also the new history. The most tragic event for the United States, which was 9/11 when the twin towers fell due to terrorism. There are many sites to go and visit that are in memory of all the loved ones lost in this event.

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Of course there is also the Statue of Liberty, which sees thousands of visitors each year. There are many other attractions in the state besides historic grounds as well. New York is well known for its shopping and downtown life. There are also recreational activities in upstate New York. You can go outdoors to the lakes or parks to enjoy camping and fishing.

According to the United States Census over 19 million people live in New York. Out of this population approximately 84% receive a high school diploma. Of those high school graduates nearly 32% continue their education and obtain Bachelor’s degrees or higher.

The major ethnic groups in the state are Caucasian Americans, African Americans and Hispanics. New York has an extremely diversified population.

The New York Substance Abuse Treatment Issues

The White House Drug Policy reports that the drug use in New York is over the national average. Approximately 9% of residents report using an illicit drug in the past month, while the national average is at 8%. In addition to this data, over 3% admit to using an illicit drug other than marijuana in the past month; this rate is the same as the national average. The state is one of the top ten states for use of cocaine and marijuana, as well as drug dependence with any drug. Some of the major drugs used in the state are:

  • Heroin: This is the most abused drug in the state. It slows down your bodily functions and especially your heart rate. Heroin has some of the most severe withdrawal symptoms for you to go through. The drug sends well over 50,000 people into rehabilitation centers each year.
  • Marijuana: While this drug may be looked at as no big deal it can take over your life just like any other drug can. Marijuana is the second most abused drug in the state and the most abused one in the nation. In New York, it sends 50,000 residents into treatment centers every year.
  • Cocaine: This drug has the opposite effect of heroin; it speeds up your bodily functions and increase heart rate. Cocaine also makes you more susceptible to heart attacks. While it is not as widely used as the other, cocaine puts the state in the top ten for the amount residents’ use within New York. The drug sends approximately 35,000 residents into treatment centers.
  • Other Opiates: The category of opiates can include opium or prescription narcotics or many other kinds of drugs. Opiates are extremely similar to heroin in the way it reacts with the body. These drugs are sending approximately 18,000 people to treatment centers every year.

Due to the rate of drug use in the state, there are many deaths related to drugs every year.

While the average rate was 10 people per every 100,000, which is lower than the national average that is 13 people per 100,000. Even though the rate is lower than the national average, the amount of people that die from drug induced deaths every year is higher than motor vehicle accidents and firearms.

The New York Rehab & Prevention Options

With New York having a high amount of drugs in their state, they offer many different prevention programs within schools and detention centers. These programs inform adolescents about the effects of drugs and the consequences of using them. The programs in detention centers assist detainees to rehabilitate themselves off of drugs. The programs also teach them to live a life without drugs and crimes in it.

According to the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Administration Services, there are approximately 819 rehabilitation centers in New York. These programs are fully operational and here to support you through your recovery. The treatment centers range anywhere from faith based programs to twelve steps or even more holistic approaches to rehabilitation. To speak with a qualified counselor today about which facility will best suit your needs call at 800-208-4701.

The substance abuse counselors here will find you a program for substance abuse in New York that includes:

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