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New Mexico

New Mexico is located near Texas in the United States and is also bordered by Mexico. The Spanish owned the land before eventually the American’s eventually won the land in a war. At the beginning the state was denied statehood. New Mexico eventually became a state in 1912.

If you are visiting the state there are many activities to take part in while you are there. Of course there are the historical sites of famous explorers or wars, as well as recreational activities. If you are an outdoors person there is plenty of dessert to go see or parks to observe nature. The state also has a museum for Billy the Kid and monuments such as Gila Cliff Dwellings and White Sands National Monument.

According to the United States Census, there are over 2 million residents of New Mexico. Out of this populations nearly 83% have received a high school diploma and approximately 25% of those high school graduates have gone on to obtain Bachelor’s degrees or higher.

The population in the state is diversified with a mix of Caucasian Americans and Hispanics being the two dominant ethnic groups. The other groups that make up about 10% of the population are Native Americans and African Americans.

The annual crime rate for any crime committed across the board is higher than the national average. There are over 300 validated gangs in the state. There are many gangs and cartels in the state, which contribute a large amount of the crimes. There are over 700,000 drug seizures almost every year. This is in part due to the Mexican border and the gangs in the state.

What Is The Scope Of The Drug Problem In New Mexico

The White House Drug Policy reports from state information that New Mexico was ranked first for persons that were drug dependent.  Approximately 9% of residents admit to using an illicit drug in the past month, which is 1% higher that national average that is at 8%. In addition to this, individuals who admitted to using an illicit drug other than marijuana were the same as the national average at just 3% of persons. Some of the major drugs used in the state are:

  • Cocaine: This is a major drug in the state due to New Mexico bordering Mexico. Many people smuggle the drug into the United States through the state. There are a number of seizures at the borders for this drug and many others. Cocaine is sending about 400 people into treatment centers every year.
  • Methamphetamine: According to seizure records, the amount of seized meth labs has decreased drastically in the past 10 years. However there is still a large market in smuggling the drug from Mexico into the states. This makes the bordering states a larger target for these smuggled in drugs because the drugs stop in their state first. Meth is sending approximately 150 residents into treatment facilities each year.
  • Heroin: Again this is another drug accessible over the border. Heroin just like the other drugs are smuggled across the border to sell to United States citizens. Heroin is a drug that slows the bodily functions down. Heroin sends nearly 500 people to treatment centers and accounts for a major part of all addicted individuals in the state.
  • Marijuana: While many look at this drug as a relaxant or “chill” drug and not something you can get addicted to, marijuana is still capable of taking over your life. The drug is sending an estimated 350 people into treatment centers each year.

Due to the amount of drug use in the state, approximately 24 persons per 100,000 die each year from drug induced deaths. This rate exceeds the national average, which is at 13 persons per 100,000, every year. If you compare the amount of people that die from drug induced deaths each year to those that die from motor vehicle accidents or firearms, more people die each year from drugs than either of these two causes.

[Ref: https://www.whitehouse.gov/sites/default/files/docs/state_profile_-_new_mexico.pdf]

What Options Does New Mexico Have For Rehabilitation & Prevention

The state has put in place many laws and programs to prevent you from either using drugs or creating drugs such as methamphetamine. The state now enforces all who buy certain cough medicines to have a prescription and keep track of over the counter drugs very carefully, so you cannot use them to create meth. This action has had a good result thus far of lowering the amount of meth use and labs.

There are also prevention programs that inform adolescents about the effects and consequences of drugs. Some of these programs are Character kids Coalition, TeamBuilders Counseling Services and Carlsbad Community Anti-Drug/Gang Coalition. All of these programs help adolescents stay off drugs or prevent them from every using in the first place.

New Mexico also has many rehabilitation facilities across the state to assist you in overcoming addiction. The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Administration Services reports there are almost 100 treatment centers in the state to service you. To speak with a qualified counselor today call 800-208-4701.

Our counselors will assist you in finding New Mexico substance abuse treatment that include:

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