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Mississippi is a state located in the southern part of the United States. The state joined the union of the U.S. in 1817 and now has nearly 3 million residents. The capital and largest city in Mississippi is Jackson and the state is ranked 32nd as far as the size of the whole state. Other large cities in Mississippi include Jackson, Gulfport and Hattiesburg. Mississippi is well known for the Mississippi River. The body of water flows over 2350 miles and is the largest river system on the continent. The state is also known for cotton production as well as agriculture and catfish.

The state of Mississippi also has many tourist attractions including water parks, beaches, museums and memorials. One of the most famous landmarks in the state is the Hurricane Katrina Memorial located in Biloxi’s Town Green.

According to the United States Census information nearly 80% of the population in Mississippi are high school graduates. In addition to this, the median household income is around $37,000.00. There many different races in Mississippi including Caucasian American, African Americans, American Indians, Asians and Native Hawaiians per Census.gov.

The annual crime rate in Mississippi is 32 crimes for every 1000 citizens. However since 1999 both property and violent crime has gone down in the state. For the existing crime that still happens in Mississippi a large majority of it is related to substance abuse and many are incarcerated in the state that need Mississippi substance abuse treatment.

Substance Abuse Treatment & Solutions To The Mississippi Drug Problem

According to state information from the White House Drug Policy the state of Mississippi actually has a lower than average drug abuse rate at nearly 6 ½% which is one and a half percent less than the national average of 8%. Just over 3% of citizens in Mississippi have reported using an illicit drug other than marijuana over one month. Some of the primary drugs of abuse in Mississippi include:

Marijuana – accounting for the highest abuse rates in the state and seeing the largest number of people entering rehab, marijuana is a drug in Mississippi that is causing an enormous amount of damage.

Other Unknown Drugs – Drugs listed as other or unknown are the second most commonly abuse drugs in Mississippi.

Some are pointing to the fact that this could due to the newest drugs of abuse called synthetic drugs. Synthetic drugs are chemically made drugs that mimic the effects of illicit substances. There are two categories of these drugs that are commonly abuse in Mississippi. They include:

  • Bath Salts
  • Synthetic Marijuana – Synthetic marijuana is also called K2 or Spice and is abused mostly by young people although statistics report that those as old as 40 are trying the drug. The other synthetic drug, Bath Salts is also widely abused across Mississippi and is a synthetic form of methamphetamine. Counties across the country are addressing the growing problem according to recent news.
  • Cocaine – The cocaine problem in Mississippi has been a continuous strain on the state and the drug sends the third highest numbers of people into treatment.
  • Other Opiates – Prescription painkillers are now a growing problem in Mississippi as well. The Wall Street Journal reports that part of the prescription problem in Mississippi and other states is failure on part of the pill suppliers to self-police. Even with law enforcement cracking down on illegal selling of prescription drugs, there is a need for effective Mississippi substance abuse rehab facilities.
  • Stimulants – stimulant drugs like methamphetamine and prescription stimulants like Adderall and Ritalin are also widely abused in Mississippi and a number of people are enrolling in treatment as a result. Much of the reason for this is the increase of the manufacturing of the drug in the state. In 1009 the state of Mississippi had its largest number of meth lab seizures in ten years.

As a negative consequence of addiction 334 people died in Mississippi because of drug abuse. This is lower than the number that passed away in auto accidents and because of firearms per a study in Whitehouse.gov.

Substance Abuse Rehabilitation & Prevention Programs

Mississippi has a number of substance abuse prevention programs in the state that prevent drug use amongst adolescents and teens, provide protective services for children whose families are under the influence and also provide aftercare services for those who have completed Mississippi substance abuse rehabilitation.

Mississippi also has a drug court program that started in 1995 and has nearly 50 drug court programs in the state. Adults from ages 16 to 64 participate in the program and alcohol was the number one substance of abuse among enrollees. Most programs used a 30 day treatment model although some used outpatient. The drug courts reported positive results for those who completed per Mississippi.gov.

The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration reports that there are 72 treatment programs in operation in the state of Mississippi.

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