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Medicaid Substance Abuse Rehab Centers

The first big step in getting help for drug or alcohol abuse is admitting you need help. The next step is finding quality, evidence-based care that you can afford. Many are deterred by the high costs of drug treatment, but Medicaid-covered substance abuse rehab centers do exist and can help you get the help you need without the financial strain.
Medicaid coverage doesn’t just cover adults, it extends to youth with substance use disorders as well. Coverage may be retroactive for up to three months, even if you’ve already started treatment. Some of the benefits of Medicaid covered drug rehab include; quality standards set by the government requiring evidence-based treatment and pharmacological care as well as a focus on transitioning someone into life outside of treatment.

Am I Eligible For Medicaid Drug Rehab Coverage?

While eligibility fluctuates from state to state, there are certain general eligibility requirements outlined by the Medicaid program. An individual at 133% of the federal poverty level, or making less than $15,889.50 annually, can receive coverage. It also extends care to pregnant women and children, and people with disabilities. The Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP) extends eligibility in cases where families earn above the 133% of the federal poverty level.

If you are still uncertain about whether or not you are covered by Medicaid, you can contact your local Medicaid office, request a patient advocate in your local hospital to assist you, or contact your local drug rehab directly and see if they offer help in obtaining Medicaid coverage for treatment. The medicaid.gov also provides a list of state by state Medicaid expansion coverages that may apply.

When applying for Medicaid, be prepared to answer questions about your income, bank accounts and assets, whether you are pregnant, have a disability, and more. These questions help determine not only your federal Medicaid eligibility, but in some states, many offer additional coverages. While this process can be frustrating, it can provide an enormous financial relief in helping you obtain drug or alcohol treatment.

Medicaid Quality Standards For Drug Rehab

Generally speaking, drug rehab under the Medicaid program includes some quality control standards. Services for substance use disorders must assess and treat underlying mental conditions, along with the SUD using evidence-based treatment methodology or pharmacology or otherwise consensus-supported care. Programs covered also focus on transitioning an individual from treatment to life outside of rehab for the best overall opportunity for long-term success. As a federal program, the Medicaid standards are set in part by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA), an organization that works to promote effective, evidence-based practices in the care of substance use disorders and mental illness.

Medicaid Standards For Drug Rehab Include:

  • Assessment and treatment of co-existing mental disorders
  • Evidence-based or consensus-supported treatment for substance use disorders
  • Program focus on transition from treatment to long-term recovery
  • Equality in treatment availability for those seeking help for substance use disorder

Each year, millions of people end up in emergency rooms across the country as a direct result of substance abuse or mental disorders, including depression and anxiety. The Centers for Medicaid Services (CMS) recognized not only that these individuals required comprehensive care, but also noted discriminatory practices people with addiction face when dealing with their insurance companies in admitting to a substance use disorder or mental illness. The Mental Health Parity and Addiction Equity Act (MHPAEA) was signed into law in 2008, preventing limitations on benefits for care based on either disorder.

How To Choose A Drug Treatment Center

Locating a drug treatment facility that is right for you is the first step in choosing a drug program. Medicaid coverage may be one determining factor in whether or not you seek out certain treatment facilities. Other factors are equally relevant. Some families with young children will need access to a treatment center that allows children, or the added support of care for these children outside of the facility. Proximity of drug rehab to work, school, home, or other relevant care, travel costs associated with rehab in other locations, physical limitations or other co-existing medical issues, and the type of care you desire are also equally important factors in choosing a rehab that’s right for you.

Consider The Following When Seeking Drug Treatment:

  • Proximity to home, work, school
  • Do you have children who will need to accompany you to treatment or will need care while you are in treatment?
  • Travel costs associated with getting to treatment as well as visits from family, friends
  • Physical limitations or other co-existing medical conditions that require attention
  • Type of care you desire

What If I Don’t Qualify For Medicaid?

Not everyone will qualify for Medicaid coverage. In those cases, an individual can seek help from rehab centers or foundations that offer rehab-specific scholarships or grant while obtaining immediate support from 12-step and alternative programs with a history of success. Sometimes a family member, friend, and even employer will step in to help offset costs associated with drug or alcohol rehab. Depending on your assets, you may qualify for a bank loan to cover or offset costs.

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