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Located in the northeastern area of the United States, Maine was the 23rd state to join the union back in 1820. Due to border problems this was not finalized until more than 20 years later in 1842. The state is surrounded by New Hampshire as well as Canadian provinces and is the state located in the most northeastern portion of the entire country.
The population of Maine is more than 1.3 million and its largest city is Portland. Augusta is the capital of Maine and has been for some time per Maine.gov.

Maine has a healthy number of tourists visiting the state every year. The area is known for its beautiful scenery as well as its seafood cuisine. It is home to the national’s oldest woolen mill and blockhouse as well as the first ship that was built in North America. There is also a thousand year old community located in the state.

The United States Census Bureau reports that more than 95% of the population of Maine is Caucasian American. This is followed by African Americans, American Indians, Asians and Native Hawaiians. More than 89% of the population has graduated high school and the median household income is nearly $47,000.00 per year per Census.gov.

The crime rate in Maine was 26 offenses for every 1000 citizens. Those committing violent crimes accounted for over 1 for every 1,000. Many of the crimes committed in the state were a direct result of substance abuse or were committed by substance abusers indicating a great need for Maine substance abuse treatment per Maine.gov crime report.

Drug Use Statistics & Treatment For Substance Abuse

According to the Office of the National Drug Control Policy main had one of the top 10 highest drug abuse rates in the country regarding illicit use with those aged 18 to 25 as well as cocaine and marijuana abuse. The state was at a 9% drug use average which was 1% higher than the national average. Nearly 3% of residents are abusing drugs other than marijuana.

Right now other opiates account for the largest numbers of people seeking treatment for substance abuse in Maine. These drugs qualify as prescription painkillers with the most abused drugs being:

  1. Hydrocodone
  2. Oxycodone
  3. Oxycontin

According to the Huffington Post prescription drug abuse has spiked in Maine accounting for a number of pharmacy robberies as well as drug store break ins. Statistics from the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration report that Maine has the highest numbers of treatment admissions for prescriptions in the country at eight times the national average.

In addition to prescriptions, the drug marijuana sends the second highest numbers of Maine residents into substance abuse treatment. In order to combat this growing problem Maine has implemented a Prescription Drug Monitoring Program as well as promoted Drug Take Back Programs so that prescriptions are properly disposed of.

Heroin, cocaine and tranquilizers are also sending a number of people into treatment in the state of Maine.
As one of the negative and most devastating consequences of drug use over 160 people died in one year in the state of Maine because of drugs per Whitehouse.gov.

Prevention & Substance Abuse Rehabilitation Programs

Many successful prevention programs exist in the state of Maine to educate those about substance abuse and addiction so they do not fall into the trap in the first place. One such program called the 21 Reasons Coalition is an organization set up to prevent underage drinking in Maine.

Another group called Choose To Be Healthy is a prevention avenue to make the state a better area to live work and play. The organization sponsors speakers that specializes in substance abuse prevention and other drug related topics.

The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration reports that there are over 180 substance abuse rehabilitation programs in the state of Maine. There are Catholic Charity programs offering treatment services that last more than 30 days and half way houses. Maine also has several veteran programs as well as medical type treatment centers that handle addiction by giving those already addicted more drugs. The medical model carries with it many dangerous side effects, potential for further addiction and a low success rate and many alternative treatment programs have been established as a result of this. These programs are drug-free and usually last at least 90 days delivering a higher success rate than most other programs available at Samhsa.gov.

The state of main offers many different programs but with more than 250,000 people needing treatment in the state it may be difficult to find a center that is effective in truly treating addiction. Our counselors are on hand to help you find the right program in Maine for yourself or a loved one.

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