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The state of Louisiana is known for its rich culture and rich diversity. Individuals who are African, Italian, and French, English and Spanish and nearly every other nationality reside in Louisiana. This year the state will celebrate 200 years as part of the union of the United States in which it was inducted in 1912. The capital of Louisiana is Baton Rouge and the largest city is New Orleans. Other major cities in the state include Shreveport/Bossier City, Lafayette, Alexandria, Lake Charles, and Monroe per Louisiana.gov.

The United States Census Bureau reports that the population of Louisiana is over 4 million and it is the 22nd largest state in the country. Over 62% are Caucasian Americans as well as a 32% African American population and many different other races. Approximately 81% of Louisiana residents are high school graduates and the median income is around $43,000.00 per a study in Census.gov.

Louisiana is known all over the world for its yearly celebration called Mardi Gras where the main street in New Orleans are shut down and the state has a variety of floats, parades, music and food. The city of New Orleans also hosts many other yearly celebrations including Jazz Fest that attract tourists from across the country and had the highest numbers of tourists ever in 2000 which continues to increase yearly. Unfortunately the celebrations also attract excessive alcohol use, binge drinking problems, and drug abuse. With that comes an increase rate of crime and other problems in the state related to substance abuse problems.

According to the National Drug Intelligence Center Louisiana has one of the highest rates of violent crimes in the country and the highest murder rate. Some of these were a result of gang related violence with heroin distributors per Justice.gov.

Substance Abuse Rehabilitation & The Louisiana Drug Problem

The White House Drug Policy reports that Louisiana is ranked in top ten for specific categories regarding illicit drug use including the number of people dependent on drugs in the state and the number of residents abusing cocaine in Louisiana. The drug use rate over a one month period is a little under 8%, which is the national average.

Despite the numbers of people abusing cocaine in Louisiana, marijuana still remains the most abused drug in the state that is sending the highest numbers of people into treatment. Cocaine is the second highest abused drug sending residents into Louisiana substance abuse rehabilitation programs.

In addition to continuous problems with marijuana and cocaine, Louisiana has had a fast-growing problem with prescription drugs; namely prescription painkillers. These drugs accounted for the third highest numbers of treatment admissions for substance abuse in the state.

Methamphetamine is also a problem in Louisiana that became nearly dismal from 2006 until 2008 but the number of meth lab seizures rose once again in 2009 and the abuse of the drug continues with Louisiana citizens.

Louisiana also has a drug trafficking problem because of its port areas in the Gulf of Mexico surrounding the southern portion of the state. Its reputation as a party destination puts the demand there for these illegal substances. Street gangs are usually who are selling and trafficking the drugs within the state but they are brought in from Mexico, Haiti and other locations in the world. Nearly 900 people died in Louisiana because of substance abuse. These makes it evident for a need of substance abuse treatment facilities in Louisiana.

Louisiana Substance Abuse Treatment Centers & Prevention Information

The state of Louisiana has tried to put several prevention programs in place to minimize the number of new drug users in the state. One of these is the O’Brien House in Baton Rouge. The organization sends out pamphlets about illegal drug abuse to prevent the use of drugs. They also sponsor youth drug abuse prevention programs.

Louisiana also has nearly $80 million in grants for substance abuse, prevention, incarceration and aftercare programs. The state operates many drug court programs with 49 locations in several different counties across the state. The courts provide drug testing, screening of arrestees for substance abuse problems, monitoring, treatment alternatives and rehabilitation programs for those incarcerated. Each inmate must be approved by a judge prior to receiving services through the courts. The current court programs provide services for over 3200 people every month.

The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration reports that the state of Louisiana has more than 100 treatment programs offering a variety of services. Louisiana also has a number of private treatment facilities as well as religious programs.

Even though the drug abuse problem in Louisiana is severe there are options in the state that can help those recover from substance abuse. Call us today to speak with a qualified counselor and receive a confidential assessment and referral to the best substance abuse rehab program in Louisiana set up to fit your individual needs.

Our substance abuse treatment providers can help find rehabs for addiction in Louisiana that includes:

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