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Long Term Substance Abuse Rehab

Its Not For Everyone

Substance abuse and drug addiction can affect anyone, but many different substance abuse rehab methods are available. For many drug addicts and alcoholics, one stay in a short term rehab facility is not enough to begin a successful lifelong recovery.

Those people need long term substance abuse rehab. The causes of addiction are as varied as the number of addicts, and likewise, some people have a harder time getting off drugs than others.

In addition, some recovering addicts are constantly suffering relapses, returning to old abusive behaviors. Several factors may indicate that a person needs long term treatment:

  • Addiction to or abuse of multiple substances
  • Long-standing or severe substance abuse
  • Short term rehab has failed previously
  • Presence of a dual diagnosis

A dual diagnosis means a person is suffering from drug addiction and some other mental disorder, such as depression or schizophrenia. Long term substance abuse rehab centers are best equipped to treat both diseases simultaneously.

Long Term Treatment Offers Many Benefits and Methods

Long term substance abuse rehab has a higher success rate than short term rehab because patients can take full advantage of all the features of a hospital setting while learning new behaviors intended to lead to a completely sober life.

Long term treatment addresses all aspects of an addict’s life, not just the drug behaviors. Like with short term or inpatient rehab, many styles and methods are available in long term substance abuse rehab, including traditional 12-step programs, religion-based programs, holistic rehab, non 12 step rehab and many more.

The many benefits of long term substance abuse rehab are the reason for its success:

Residential environment

Many long term substance abuse rehab centers today are more like carpeted residential communities instead of tile-walled hospitals. Many patients feel they are starting new lives instead of repairing their old, broken ones.

Long term residence

Most inpatient rehab programs last an average of one month, only long enough for an educational crash course in sober living. Most long term treatment programs last three months or more, giving patients as much time as they need to adjust to new and healthy lifestyle habits.

Daily therapy

Recovery and rehabilitation is a full-time job for those in long term treatment, so a variety of therapies are available. Long term patients often need intense therapy to change old behaviors.

Close-knit support groups

Changing long-standing behavior patterns is challenging even when a person wants to change. In long term substance abuse rehab, patients are surrounded with supportive people who all want them to succeed.

Structured activities

Changing bad habits often means learning new life skills and values, such as taking personal responsibility for one’s actions. Having the time needed to learn new lifestyle choices is vital for many in recovery.

Transitional programs

Many long term treatment programs have halfway houses and sober living environments. These transitional residential communities offer patients valuable support to help avoid further relapses.

All of these factors contribute to make long term substance abuse rehab the most likely to succeed. It seeks to heal the whole person, to cure addiction, but also to treat addiction’s causes.

Not even long term substance abuse rehab has a 100 percent success rate, but it has worked for even the most severe drug addicts.

We Can Answer Your Questions About Long Term Substance Abuse Rehab

With so many options, making the right decision is difficult even in the best of times. Because so much is on the line, you need objective advice. Today, we have more options for the long term substance abuse rehab, from innovative lifestyle strategies and drug therapies to the traditional 12-step programs.

Call our toll-free number now.Call our toll-free number now. We will evaluate your drug abuse problems and find a long term treatment program that will work for you. You will have no obligation, and our professional staff is caring and confidential. But unless you take action now, the addiction will take over.

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