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As the thirty-third most populated state in the United States, Kansas was admitted to the union in the year 1861. Now with a population of nearly 3 million people, Kansas is located in the near center of the country. The city of Topeka is the capital of Kansas and the largest city in the state is Wichita.

The state is primarily Christian with 86% of the citizens practicing the religion. There are also more than 50% of people who are Protestant and many who are United Methodist and Baptist.

Tourists will often visit the state to see the famous Flint Hills as well as the natural prairies with American bison. The state is full of Wild West towns, museums and Native American artifacts per Kansas.gov.

According to the United States Census Bureau, the state primary has a Caucasian population with 83% of residents. There are also nearly 5% African American in Kansas and a 2% Asian population. Nearly 70% of Kansas residents own homes and the median household income is $49,000.00. Over 12% of residents live below poverty level in the state per Census.gov.

The Kansas City Missouri Commission on Violent Crime Executive Summary the area as experienced its own problem with drug addiction that has caused instability socially, as well as problems with violence, poverty and drug abuse.

Substance Abuse Rehabilitation & The Kansas Drug Problem

According to statistics from the White House Drug Policy, Kansas has a lower than average illicit drug abuse rate at nearly 6.77%. The national average is 8%. More than 3 ½ percent of residents reported using a drug other than marijuana.

Marijuana is the drug of choice in Kansas and accounts for the largest number of people checking into substance abuse rehabilitation across the state.

In addition to this stimulants are also a problem for Kansas citizens; namely methamphetamine and prescription stimulants like Adderall and Ritalin. These drugs account for the second highest numbers of treatment admissions in Kansas. According to news from the Lawrence Journal World, the drug is taking a toll on users sending many to treatment, who without the right care are not able to quit using meth.

Cocaine is much less of a problem than marijuana and methamphetamine but still sends the third largest number of people into rehab in the state of Kansas. Our counselors can help locate substance abuse treatment facilities that specialize in cocaine, marijuana, and meth addiction.

The state has also started to struggle with problems related to the abuse of prescription pain medications. The most commonly abuse prescriptions in Kansas are drugs like Oxycontin, hydrocodone, oxycodone and Vicodin. Kansas has implemented a prescription drug monitoring program to handle the problem in the state.
As a consequence of drug abuse nearly 300 people died in Kansas per Whitehouse.gov. This shows the glaring need of Kansas substance abuse rehab centers.

Kansas Substance Abuse Treatment & Prevention Options

Several drug free community and prevention programs exist in the state of Kansas, especially for young people so they don’t fall into the trap of substance abuse and addiction. One such program is called The Communities That Care Coalition otherwise known as CTC. The organization brings together community groups, parents, schools, the area’s local governments so they can promote the health and well-being of young people. The group holds events, meetings and educational workshops. Prevention is important but also effective effective treatment for substance abuse is a must.

Another drug prevention program in Kansas is the Kansas Prevention workstation set up to promotion prevention and recovery.

The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration reports that the state of Kansas has nearly 200 different substance abuse rehab programs that citizens can enroll in located throughout the state. Many of these are state or government sponsored centers; although private substance abuse options exist in the state of Kansas.

The state also has some options for long term treatment, wilderness programs because of the rural areas through the state and programs dealing with equestrian therapy. There are also many research programs such as the Drug Abuse and Addiction Research Programs sponsored by the National Institute of Health who do research into the underlying causes of substance abuse and possible solutions. You can find more information here: NIH Grants. Our counselors can also assist in finding financing and funding for your rehab program.

Because of its Native American roots Kansas also has substance abuse rehab programs for Native Americans such as Urban Indian Health Services. Many of these are covered by Native American insurance.

Enrolling in a substance abuse treatment facility in Kansas can be tricky if an individual does not know what type of rehab would suite them best. The key thing to do when choosing a substance abuse rehab in Kansas is to speak with a qualified counselor who is familiar with the area and the existing programs. Undergo a full assessment and ensure that you are able to get a referral to a program that meets your qualifications. Another important tip is to make sure the length of the treatment is long enough to get the result you want. Usually 90 days or more is standard.

Our counselors can help find Kansas rehab centers for substance abuse.

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