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The state of Iowa, nicknamed “The American Heartland” is an area with a rich Native American history. Spanning over 56,000 square miles, Iowa is the 30th most populated state in the U.S. with more than 3 million residents. The area became part of the union of the United States in 1846. The capital is De Moines and the largest cities include Davenport, Quad Cities and Sioux City.

Today Iowa is known as “The Food Capital of the World” with much agriculture going on throughout the state and the transportation of these goods across the country. Right now 16% of the state workforce is dedicated to this trade.

Listed as one of the safest states to live in, Iowa has also had its share of problems. One of these is the ever growing numbers of residents who are abusing drugs in the state.

Substance Abuse Rehabilitation & Information In Iowa

Iowa has some core problems but the overall substance abuse issues are less than most states. The Office of the National Drug Control Policy’s Iowa Drug Control Update indicates that only 4% of Iowa residents are reporting the use of illicit drugs during a one month period. This is half of the national average which is 8%.
The drug marijuana is the most abused drug in Iowa and accounts for the largest numbers of treatment admissions in the state. Many of the substance abuse rehabs in Iowa specialize in marijuana abuse.

Following marijuana, stimulant drugs accounted for the second highest number of substance abuse treatment admissions in Iowa. The drug methamphetamine has accounted for the largest numbers of these and the state had a 48% increase in meth seizures in 2009. There are also many arrests happening in the state as a result of making meth through illegal meth labs. Meth or Crystal is very addictive and creates a need for treatment. Our counselors can help locate an Iowa substance abuse rehabilitation facility today.

Other opiates accounted for the third largest number of people enrolling in treatment in Iowa. These are prescription painkillers including hydrocodone and Oxy Contin. Compared to most other states Iowa has a relatively low number of residents abusing prescriptions but without proper monitoring, prevention and enforcement in the state prescription abuse could become more of a problem in Iowa. In fact, recent news stories point to problems that the state has started to have with prescriptions. There were 211 deaths due to drugs in Iowa in a one year period per Whitehouse.gov. Many of the substance abuse rehabs in Iowa provide a medical detox which is a safe way of tapering off of prescription drugs.

Iowa Substance Abuse Treatment Options & Drug Prevention Resources

Possibly having to do with the lower rates of drug abuse in the state, Iowa operates many drug prevention programs throughout. On program called Boone County Project SAFE is a prescription drug prevention program to dispose of these drugs. The organization works with law enforcement and coalitions for the proper disposal of controlled substances across the county. They have recently been in the news celebrating 20 years of helping the community.

Another prevention organization in Iowa called Positively Spencer Youth Inc. was set up to change the attitude about drug and alcohol use among youth. The group consists of community members, as well as parents, teachers, kids and other concerned citizens.

There are a few treatment options for those who do become addicted in Iowa but a lower number of centers exist in the state than in most other places in the country. The Treatment Locator from The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration gives more than 80 choices for help in the state.

Several of these substance abuse programs are federally or state funded options for rehabilitation including Community & Family Resources and Seven 12 House Youth and Shelter Services. These types of programs provide one of the following types of treatment in a usual setting:

  • 12 step substance abuse treatment that lasts 28 days and has addicts alternate between narcotics anonymous meets or alcoholics anonymous meetings, group counseling and individual counseling.
  • Dual-diagnosis treatment for substance abuse that uses medications to treat addiction, and provides individual therapy.

Both programs are usually short term treatment options in Iowa lasting 28 days or less. Some may last more than 30 days and have patients enrolled for 45 day of treatment. Long term substance abuse rehabs in Iowa do provide the highest success rate.

Some options for long term treatment exist in Iowa such as the Teen Challenge program that operates a teen, male adult and female adult program in the state. These treatment programs typically last a year and are religious in nature.

There are not many holistic or alternative substance abuse treatment programs in Iowa and some residents in the state wanting this type of treatment must travel out of state for the type of treatment they want. Typically holistic or alternative treatment achieves a higher success rate than most other types of programs for substance abuse and addiction.

Getting a professional assessment for treatment is always the best option in Iowa or any other state. This will allow you to speak with a qualified counselor about your specific needs and find resources that fit you best. Call us today to locate an Iowa substance abuse rehab center today.

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