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Are You Abusing Drugs or Alcohol? Inpatient Rehab Will Rescue You

Anyone can become an addict. Life is stressful no matter what your occupation — bills to pay, children to raise, expectations of yourself and others, obligations that aren’t always easy or desirable weighing us down.

Whatever you call it — drug abuse, substance abuse, or alcoholism — the misuse of prescription drugs, the abuse of illicit drugs, and the overuse of alcohol are common ways people deal with stress.

Is Inpatient Rehab Necessary For Substance Abuse?

Once substance abuse happens, it takes over your life. Using alcohol or drugs like Valium and Xanax to relax, taking an extra Vicodin because it feels good, having a glass of wine or a joint to help you sleep are all behaviors that can lead to substance abuse and addiction. When addiction sets in, then it is necessary to start looking for an inpatient substance abuse rehab.

Inpatient Rehab Is Private

If you are abusing drugs or alcohol, you need to detox in a medically supervised inpatient hospital. Privacy is paramount to most people, and the health care professionals at hospitals and detox centers take your concerns about privacy seriously.

When you seek substance abuse treatment, every care is taken to protect the dignity of your situation. Afterward, you may want to tell people what a great thing you’ve accomplished, but for now it’s just between you and the professionals trained to help you.

Because of privacy issues, some people prefer not to go through their insurance companies or let their employers know. Some employers may have generous programs for substance abuse treatment. We can answer all your questions.

Inpatient Rehab Is Effective

After detox, the average stay in an inpatient substance abuse rehab center is about one month, the time necessary for you to begin healing both physically and psychologically.

Inpatient drug rehab centers offer many different therapy programs to help you change your lifestyle habits, from traditional 12-step programs to holistic and drug therapies.

One of the benefits of inpatient drug rehab is that your physical health will be continually monitored by health care professionals. Many people find great comfort in knowing all their needs will be taken care of in the hospital. You will begin to think more clearly, to get the most out of your recovery.

Another benefit of inpatient substance abuse rehab is that, in the facility, you are removed from your old social circle that may encourage your substance abuse. Inpatient rehab is not a jail — you can walk out the door at any time — but most patients stay when they see and feel the immediate improvements in their health.

We can help you decide which inpatient substance abuse treatment center is best for you, from a small privately run program to a large hospital facility. You have many options, but nothing will happen unless you decide to change your life and call us.

We Can Help You Find the Right Inpatient Substance Abuse Rehab

Our national referral service is linked to a nationwide network of substance abuse rehab hospitals and clinics. We can help you assess your many options, whether you choose to go through your insurance or pay out of pocket.

We can make it work. Some people respond better in large groups, while some thrive in smaller settings with quieter meetings. We can confidentially connect you to top-quality private detox centers and well-known substance abuse inpatient rehab hospitals all over North America.

No-Risk Referral Service For Substance Abuse Inpatient Rehab

Admitting you have a substance abuse problem is the first step in recovery. The next step is asking for help, which can seem overwhelming.

Our services are easy to use and strictly confidential. Simply fill out our online form or call our toll-free number. Our compassionate associates assess your needs quickly and discreetly and put you in touch with an inpatient rehab center immediately.

We will help you find the medical attention you need for detox and the most comfortable place for you to begin your recovery.

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