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Indiana joined the union of the United States in 1816. Nicknamed “The Hoosier State,” Indiana has a population of over 6 million. Its capital, since 1825, has been Indianapolis and the five largest cities in the state include Indianapolis, Fort Wayne, Evansville, South Bend and Gary.

Indiana is a state dedicated to recreation. There are over 1 million acres of land for this in the state operated by the Indiana Department of Natural Resources. Some of the most popular recreational activities in Indiana include fishing, visiting museums and memorials, and enjoying forests and natures preserves throughout the state.
Indiana is famous for its sporting events with a professional basketball and football team, the state also is also known for the Indy 500 racing championship per Indiana.gov.

United States Census information indicates that the population of Indiana is over 6 million and continuing to grow. The major ethnicity in the state is Caucasian American followed by African Americans, and Asians. The state is home to nearly half a million veterans and the average household income is $47,000 per year per Census.gov.

Agriculture is one of the main contributors to the state, while problems like substance abuse as well as substance abuse treatment costs are ones that have affected the state in a negative manner.

Indiana Substance Abuse Rehabilitation Problems

The state of Indiana ranks in the top 10 for problems with drug abuse amongst its citizens. Topping out at 1% over the national average Indiana has 9% of its citizens reporting using an illicit drug during a one month period. Nearly four and a half percent of these individuals were using a drug besides marijuana. As a direct result of addiction nearly 830 people passed away from drug use in one year.

The major drugs that sent Indiana resident to substance abuse treatment included:

1. Marijuana Abuse – With much controversy surrounding the medical approval of this drug, it remains the most abuse drug in Indiana that sends the highest number of people into treatment.

2. Other/Unknown Drugs – Some report these may be additional prescription drugs. Others point to a new drug trend called synthetic drug abuse. Synthetic marijuana, also called Spice or K2 have gotten in the handle of many Indiana residents. So has another synthetic drug called Bath Salts which are essentially a chemically created form of methamphetamine.

3. Opiates and Painkiller Abuse (other) – In the category of other opiates, sending the third highest numbers of Indiana residents to rehab, prescription pain medications are the primary drug of choice here. These include Vicoden, Oxy Contin, Percocet, hydrocodone and oxycodone. To combat this Indiana has been placed in a high risk category for prescription use from the Office of the National Drug Control Policy and prevention information has been provided to Indiana residents. The state has also implemented the Indiana States Prescription Drug Monitoring Program or INSPECT. In addition to this several areas in the state are participating in “Take Back Day,” a day that teaches residents about how to properly dispose of prescriptions.

4. Cocaine Abuse – consisting both crack cocaine and powder cocaine, many Indiana residents are enrolling in treatment because of struggles with crack and cocaine addictions.

5. Heroin Abuse in Indiana – the fifth drug causing residents to attend treatment programs, heroin is being used by many new users in Indiana who are snorting or smoking the drug instead of injecting it.

Another problem in Indiana is methamphetamine. Statistics state that the state has had the largest number of meth lab seizures in 2009 after the numbers dropped between 2006 and 2008. The drug pseudoephedrine, the main chemical in making meth, has been moved to prescription drug status to regulate the amount of the drug purchased and used per Whitehouse.gov.

Indiana Substance Abuse Rehab & Prevention Programs

The state of Indiana has a number of federal grants for their drug prevention efforts. Some prevention programs in the state include:

• Grants for drug testing programs.

• Indiana Alcohol abuse reduction grants.

• Grants to stop high risk behavior and alcohol abuse among college aged students.

• Safe & Stable family grants.

There is also prevention and a substance abuse treatment program in Indiana called Shelter Plus Care. It helps to get those that are homeless off the street. Many of them are drug addicted and in need of help so those applying and being accepted can also apply for treatment to help them to get off drugs and back on their feet permanently.

The Substance Abuse & Mental Health Services Administration reports that the state has over 234 options for treatment.

Finding the right type of substance abuse rehab program in Indiana is not always an easy task with so many different choices. Call us today and speak with a certified counselor on what is the right type of treatment for substance abuse for yourself or a loved one.

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