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The fifth most populated state in the United States Illinois is one of the most naturally productive and run states in the country. It is known for its agriculture and its technological developments with the green movement. The area became part of the United States in 1818 and the population has grown from there with much development of industry, especially in the city of Chicago. The population of the state is over 12 million people currently.

Many tourists visit Illinois to see the city of Chicago, the Art Institute, Lake Michigan and the many museums and cultural centers.

The most recent state news indicates that Illinois has just been given $5 million in grants to create jobs in the state based on the green movements. Illinois currently is one of the leaders of the green economy. In addition to this, there are also over 1400 jobs being offered for wind manufacturing in the state. The state was ranked best state to make a living in per Illinois.gov.

The state of Illinois has many positive movements, especially with their green developments. However there is one problem in the state that is negatively affecting the economy and its residents; drug addiction and the cost Illinois substance abuse treatment.

Substance Abuse Rehabilitation & Addiction Information

The good news is that Illinois ranked 1% lower than the national average for one-month illicit drug use at 7%. The state, however, is having continual problems with certain illicit drugs that continue to grow. If you or a loved one needs help, our counselors can help locate a substance abuse rehab facility in Illinois today.

Heroin Substance Abuse Rehab Admissions – Heroin is the number one most abused drug in Illinois that caused the majority of the state’s residents to seek treatment. Because of the physical addiction connected with the drug it is difficult, if not impossible for those using it to stop without some type of intervention and treatment. Substance abuse detox and rehabilitation programs in Illinois can help you or a loved one begin their road to recovery.

Marijuana Substance Abuse Admissions – The second most abused drug in the state and the one with the longest history, marijuana also accounts for a large number of rehab admissions in Illinois.

Cocaine Substance Abuse Admissions – Cocaine is the third most abused drug in Illinois leading to admissions to substance abuse treatment programs.

Prescription Drug Rehab Admissions – The non-medical use of prescription drugs is a major problem in Illinois sending many to treatment. Statistics indicate that the number of drug related deaths increased in the state as a direct result of prescription abuse. Illinois had over 1,200 people die from drugs in a one year period. These deaths show the ever increasing need for effective substance abuse treatment facilities in Illinois.

Meth Treatment Admissions – Methamphetamine is also sending a number of residents of the state into treatment. Many say that this is due to the availability of the drug from illegal meth labs constructed in rural areas in the state. In addition the number of seizures of meth labs went up 9% in one year per Whitehouse.gov.

Illinois Substance Abuse Treatment Centers & Prevention Efforts

The state has many prevention programs that are federally and state funded. The Speak Up Prevention Coalition is one such program to reduce drug use and underage drinking in several counties in the state.
In order to help rehabilitate those incarcerated for drug offenses, Illinois has also adopted a program called Treatment Alternatives For Safe Communities which intensely manages drug offenders through programs that help them with re-entry to society. The program reaches 20,000 people per year in the state. There are also other programs for substance abuse that our counselors can help you get admitted into.

According to a recent article there have also been grants approve to specifically help those in the juvenile justice system in which most have been in the system as a result of substance abuse per Newswire.com. The Treatment Database for the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration has a number of different resources for substance abusers in Illinois. There are a total of nearly 600 centers for substance abuse in the state of Illinois.

The primary types of programs include:

• DUI (driving under the influence) Counseling Services

• Outpatient Treatment In Chicago

• Youth Service Centers For Substance Abuse

• Mental Health & Substance Abuse Programs

• Family Counseling Services For Drug Addiction & Alcoholism

• 12 Step Meetings for Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous

• Short Term Treatment or 28 day programs

• Long Term Inpatient Treatment (60-90-120 day programs)

Most shorter term, traditional or outpatient programs will be state financed or accept Medicare, Medicaid, or other state insurance. Some accept private insurance for services.

There are also longer term treatment centers in Chicago. Some are private programs that provide effective treatment for substance abuse that accept certain medical insurances while others are religious type rehab centers.

There are also aftercare options in Chicago for drug addiction such as Guildhaus Halfway House that does long term substance abuse treatment and has a sliding scale fee for services. This means that the cost for substance abuse treatment depends upon the income of the individual needing rehabilitation.

With so many options it may be difficult to find the right substance abuse rehab program based on yours or a loved one’s specific needs. Email or call substanceabuserehab.com today to find the best treatment available in Illinois.

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