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A rocky mountain state, Idaho is the 39 most populated state in the country. The densely populated area became part of the union of the United States in 1890 and has grown to over 1.5 million people per. The capital of Idaho is Boise and the residents of the state called Idahoan’s.

The primary religions in Idaho are primarily followers from The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, Evangelical Protestant and Catholics. The state is known for its energy and development of hydroelectric and wind powder and is the only state in the country without a major highway.

According to the United States Census Bureau Idaho has a primary Caucasian population at 89% and nearly 88% of the residents are high school graduates. The average household income is about $46,000.

Idaho ranks in accordance with the general national average for the abuse of the drugs in the state. Statistics from the national government report that nearly 8% of residents abuse illicit drugs and more than 3.5% are using drugs other than marijuana.

Idaho Substance Abuse Information and Treatment Facilities

Even with the rate of deaths caused by drug addiction lower than the national average, Idaho still has its share of problems in regards to substance abuse and addiction.

Marijuana Abuse– marijuana is the most widely abused drug in Idaho. Smuggled in from both the south and the north, marijuana accounts for the highest numbers of admissions into rehab in the state.

Methamphetamine Abuse – the drug methamphetamine or “meth” is another commonly abused drug in Idaho. This is due to the prevalence of meth labs which pop up more and more in rural versus urban areas. Meth sends the second highest number of Idaho to substance abuse treatment yearly.

Prescription Drug Abuse – In the category “other opiates,” prescription drugs account for a large number of admissions into treatment accounting for the third highest number in Idaho. Many of these drugs are being taken and abused from the medicine cabinets of those with valid prescriptions. As a result Idaho has been involved in Take Back Days, educating the community on the proper disposal of these drugs as well as using a prescription drug monitoring system. We can help locate a prescription drug abuse rehab in Idaho today.

Cocaine Abuse – Another drug sending Idaho citizens to rehabilitation for substance abuse across the state, both power cocaine and crack cocaine account for the fourth largest number of admissions to treatment.

Heroin Abuse – The fifth largest drug to send Idahoan’s to rehab, heroin admissions continue to rise as some who abuse prescriptions are turning to the drug.

Synthetic Substance Abuse – According to a recent article in the Laconia Daily Sun, synthetic drugs have also started to be a problem for Idaho including synthetic marijuana; called K2 or Spice and synthetic methamphetamine, known as Bath Salts. Unfortunately more than 130 people lost their lives to drugs in Idaho in a one year period per Whitehouse.gov. These types of statistics clearly shows the importance of effective Idaho substance abuse rehab centers.

Treatment For Substance Abuse & Prevention Information

Idaho has several options for drug prevention to help stop the growing problem in the state. The Tribal Youth Program is one such resource and is a program that allows youth to take control of their lives through education. Other programs also exist in Idaho to help with prevention efforts among state prisoners as well as neighborhood safety and prevention alternatives. Though drug prevention is very important, substance abuse rehabs in Idaho are just as vital.

There are several state and federally funded treatment programs for substance abuse in Idaho. According to the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, 81 results come up for possible programs in the state. Of those many are programs that accept public or state health insurance such as the Veterans Affairs Medical Center Substance Abuse Treatment Programs and the Walker Center. Right now the state is struggling with budget problems for Idaho funded treatment. Our counselors can help you find an affordable substance abuse rehab center in Idaho today.

According to an article in The Spokesman Review the current drug and alcohol treatment programs in the state are being citizen as being not enough to handle the current drug problem. A representative from the state explained that the waiting lists for funded substance abuse treatment centers in Idaho are many, and the funds are not available for additional resources for treatment.

In addition to state funded care, Idaho because of its natural wilderness does offer some wilderness treatment programs. These facilities use nature to help those heal from addiction and include many outside activities and survival skills as a part of their treatment. There are also privately run substance abuse programs in the state that deliver both traditional of or 12 step methods of treatment as well as alternative or holistic rehabs. Our counselors can help locate the right substance abuse rehabilitation facility in Idaho today.

Getting Substance Abuse Rehab in Idaho

If you are looking for a substance abuse treatment program for yourself or a loved one call us today with questions regarding treatment as well as different program options in Idaho. We can provide a confidential assessment at no charge with referrals to rehabilitation programs across the state. Our hotline is open 7 days a week with certified counselors.

Call today to speak with a treatment specialist who can help assist in locating specific Idaho substance abuse rehab facilities.

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