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Florida Substance Abuse Rehab

One of the most scenic southern states in the country Florida borders both the Gulf Coasts and Atlantic Coasts. Florida was founded in 1513 by a Spanish explorer and became part of the United States in 1845. It’s the 4th most populous state in the world and has the longest coastline in the country. The capitol of Florida is Tallahassee but there are several large cities in the state including Jacksonville, Miami, Tampa, St. Petersburg, Orlando, Hialeah and Fort Lauderdale per Wikipedia.org.

The state attracts many professional athletes and celebrities and is known for its golf, tennis and water sports. The most popular attractions in Florida include Lego-land, Disney and many white sandy beaches.

According to United States Census Information, the population of Florida is 18 million. Of those 75% are Caucasian Americans, 16% are African Americans and there are also other nationalities such as Asian, American Indian, Hawaiian, and Hispanic.

Florida, even with all of its attributes does face some problems in the state. One of them is the ongoing issue with substance abuse and addiction plaguing the state. Florida currently has an average rate of drug abuse amongst citizens at 8% reporting that they used an illicit drug in a 30 day period pointing to the need for substance abuse treatment.

Florida Substance Abuse Rehabilitation & Addiction Statistics

There are two major drug problems existing in Florida. These include:

1. The number of meth lab seizures in the state.

2. The ongoing prescription drug epidemic made worse by the number of pill mills throughout Florida.

Despite the continual problems with methamphetamine production and prescription abuse marijuana still remains the most widely abuse drug in Florida with the highest number of residents seeking help for marijuana addiction. Finding a substance abuse rehab in Florida for marijuana abuse can help by avoiding a harder addiction later on.

Other opiates follow which are prescription painkillers. The most widely abused prescription painkillers in Florida are Oxy Contin, Vicoden, oxycodone and hydrocodone. According to an article from NPR entitled “The ‘Oxy Express’: Florida’s Drug Abuse Epidemic Florida is the center of the prescription epidemic due to the prevalence of pill mills in the state. Pill mils are pain clinics across Florida that administer the drugs illegally. In addition to this Florida doctors prescribe over 10x more prescriptions for oxycodone that all states in the U. S. combined. The reason for this problem are blamed on the lack of monitoring of prescriptions in the state per an article in NPR.org.

Meth production is also another major problem in Florida. The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms reports specific incidence including countless numbers of people who have be arrested for the production of methamphetamine and meth lab. The number of meth lab seizures was the highest in 2009 than they had been in 10 years. Reports indicate that this is because of smurfing or bulk purchasing of the ingredients to make the drug. Meth lab seizures in Florida have increased 148% in two years. Locating an effective treatment center center for methamphetamine abuse is vital.

In addition to marijuana, prescription drugs and methamphetamine problems, cocaine accounts for the third most rehab admissions followed by unknown drugs, heroin, stimulants and tranquilizers.
Florida also has the highest numbers of drug related deaths with nearly 3,000 people losing their lives because of drug use. Many of these deaths are a direct result of prescription abuse. Finding a rehab for substance abuse that includes detox in Florida is very important for a person struggling with prescription drug addiction.

In addition to the illicit and prescription drugs mentioned above the Poison Information Center of Tampa has issued warnings to Florida residents about the recent about of synthetic drugs. The most dangerous and highly abused synthetics included synthetic marijuana; called K2 or Spice and Bath Salts. Bath Salts are forms of synthetic methamphetamine. The warnings came after several hospitals in the state were seeing increases in emergency room visits for those having adverse effects from using the drugs. If you or a loved on is struggling with drug addiction. Don’t wait until its too late, find help. Our rehabilitation specialists can find the right Florida substance abuse rehab facility today.

Substance Abuse Treatment Centers In Florida

The state of Florida has nearly 500 substance abuse treatment centers which can be located on SAMHSA.gov. Some are private organizations while others are state and federally funded treatment programs. Florida also has a wide variety of holistic or alternative treatment alternatives for those who have tried 12 step treatment in Florida and have not been able to get results. Our counselors can help locate Florida substance abuse rehab facilities that include alternative treatment methods.

There are outpatient counseling centers such as the Boca Counseling Center which provides a mix of mental health and substance abuse services done for a few hours a day, a few weeks while the person continues to live in their environment. There are also long term substance abuse rehab programs that last a year or longer as well as the standard 28 day program.

In addition the state also had many exclusive or executive rehabs for celebrities, athletes and business executives. The programs with the highest success in Florida are usually at least 90 days and provide care that is drug free, with focus on nutrition and biophysical rehabilitation which includes body cleansing.

Many substance abuse rehab centers in Florida have financing options as well as accept state and private health insurance for treatment.

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