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Effective Substance Abuse Rehab

November 2nd, 2011

What makes a treatment center effective for substance abuse and as a family what should you be looking for? This is a common question many families ask when dealing with a loved one who is struggling with a substance abuse issue. Trying to find the right program can seem almost as difficult as convincing the addict to get help and go to treatment. We will take a look at what are the best types of programs and how to find them. Our treatment specialists have years of experience in dealing with not only the addicted individual but also have thousands of hour’s worth of research regarding different substance abuse rehabilitation programs.

One of the biggest mistakes we see families make is looking for a rehab that has name that has been around for a while. Programs like Betty Ford, Hazleton, Narconon, and Cirque Lodge have been around for years and are probably the most well known drug rehabilitation programs around, but this does not always equal success. What we are going to do in this blog is give you some basic points to look for in your research.

One of the biggest mistakes we find families doing is sending their loved ones off to programs which use a technique called replacement drug therapy. Replacement drug therapy is when a person who is addicted to one drug is taken off that drug and then is replaced with another prescription drug to “treat” the addiction or “chemical imbalance” which is causing the addiction the problem. This is not effective and can even wide up with a bigger mess. Sometimes the person will find themselves addicted to the new drug and come out of treatment with a bigger problem than originally started with. Try and find a program that focuses on getting the person off of everything and starting with a clean slate. This will allow the counselors to diagnose the actual reason of the addiction and not mask it with other substances.

Also finding a program that is long enough is essential. A long-term substance abuse treatment center provides the best chance an addicted individual has to overcoming his or her addiction. What we mean by this is “the longer the better.” Find a program that is at least 4-6 months long or even longer. This increases the chances of a successful recovery. Good luck in your search for a substance abuse rehab and we hope this information helps.

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