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Drug Abuse Rehab

Is Drug Abuse Rehab For Me?

Drug addiction can affect anyone from any walk of life. If you use illicit drugs, you may not think you have a problem at all. After all, you feel great—as long as you’re high.

Whatever your drug of choice—marijuana, cocaine, crystal meth, heroin—you don’t care about anything but getting it. You don’t relate to your friends and family anymore. You have new “friends” who, like you, are obsessed with getting high.

Abuse of Drugs Is a Deadly Game You Cannot Win

You find yourself feeling isolated and alone when your whole life revolves around getting high. And because your drug is illegal, you find yourself getting into increasingly dangerous situations with shady people you don’t know.

Perhaps you’re also having problems at work, missing days or losing your job altogether. These illicit drugs are physically addictive, so you may feel trapped—unable to fix your life but helpless to stop the crash and burn.

Abuse of drugs is also affecting your health. Addiction can cause:

  • Depression and anxiety
  • Serious psychological disorders like schizophrenia
  • Permanent brain damage
  • Liver and gastrointestinal disease
  • Tooth decay
  • Blindness
  • Heart disease
  • HIV infection from shared needles
  • Hepatitis
  • Cancer
  • Death

The severity of the physical side effects depends on the drugs you’re abusing. Although marijuana may seem relatively harmless when compared to drugs like heroin and crack, long-term marijuana use causes brain damage, hormonal imbalances, heart disease, and cancer.

And because marijuana is illegal, the same people who supply it often supply other far more dangerous drugs, increasing the odds of drug addiction. Heroin, for example, is highly addictive and can kill instantly.

The “drug culture” creates further pressures on you, insulating you from mainstream society and ever decreasing the chances you will seek treatment for your drug abuse.

But abusing drugs is a deadly lifestyle. It destroys your life emotionally, socially, financially, psychologically and physically. How much more can you take?

You need help now, before it’s too late.

Drug Abuse Rehab Can Be Highly Effective

But trying to stop drug abuse alone is nearly impossible, and the side effects of withdrawal from some drugs can be physically dangerous.

Addiction is a symptom of your body’s physical dependency on drugs; without that drug, the body’s organs can begin shutting down. Any addict who goes more than a few hours without using knows the anxious feelings of withdrawal:

  • Nausea
  • Excessive sweating
  • Tremors and shaking
  • Severe anxiety
  • Elevated heart rate and blood pressure
  • Hallucinations (in extreme cases)

No matter how determined you may be to kick the habit, detoxing alone is uncomfortable, dangerous, and nearly impossible. Surrounded by temptations, it’s easier to cave than to persevere.

Professional Detoxification: Safe, Secure, Comfortable

The good news is that detoxification in a professional drug abuse rehab center is safer and more effective than going alone. And our caring referral service will find a good drug treatment center you can enter today.

Drug rehab is not a prison—you check in voluntarily and can leave at any time. But you will be surrounded by experienced professionals who have one goal: getting you off drugs for good.

You will have a comfortable room for detox, with 24-hour medical supervision to aid in the discomforts of withdrawal. And because you are in a safe environment away from the drug culture, your chances for a successful detox are greater.

Today, we have more options for the treatment of drug abuse, from innovative lifestyle strategies and drug therapies to the traditional 12-step program.

Call our toll-free number now.But none of that matters unless you take action to take back your life. Call our toll-free number now.

We will talk to you, evaluate your drug abuse problems, and find a detox program that will work for you.

You will have no obligation, and our professional staff is caring and confidential. But unless you take action now, the addiction will win.

You can have your life back, but you must call now.

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