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From as early as 1299 A.D. humans inhabited the state of Colorado. At that time the area as not a part of the union but a mass that houses many cliff dwellers. Many centuries later the area joined the United States in 1873 even though the state boundaries were established in 1850 per the Colorado Department of Personnel and Administration.

The state is known for its beautiful sunshine and snowcapped mountains. Colorado is famous for its ski areas and resorts and too many is known as America’s Best Skiing in the country. The state has hot sprints as well many outdoor activities like white water rafting.

According to the United State Census Bureau the population of Colorado is over 5 million. Of those over 24% are under 18, 49% are female and more than 81% are Caucasian Americans. The majority of the population of the state does contribute positively to the economy and stay out of criminal trouble. However, Colorado has an extremely high percentage of drug users in the state at nearly 12% for past month usage. This is almost 4% higher than the national average.

Colorado Substance Abuse Rehab Statistics & Information

According to the Office of the National Drug Control Policy the drug, marijuana, was the most used drug by residents of the state and it also accounted for the highest number of treatment admissions in Colorado. This is followed by stimulants, cocaine, heroin, and other opiates such as prescription pain medications.
Methamphetamine has taken a toll on Northern Colorado, according to a recent article from The Coloradoan about the subject. The drug has been destroying families and relationships and taking over users in the state for some time. Our counselors can help you locate a Colorado substance abuse rehab.

As with most other states in the country, Colorado is also struggling with their own prescription drug problem. There are many groups taking efforts to combat this problem including government agencies that are providing education to safely handle prescriptions and disposal of them. There are also measures in place to enforce the reduction of pill mills and doctor shopping. Locating a substance abuse detox center in Colorado can really help a person struggling with prescription drug abuse.

The consequences of drug use are taking a toll on residents of the state. Statistics report that nearly 750 people died over a one year period and the number of drug induced deaths tops out above the national average. With these rising numbers, the need for substance abuse rehab facilities in Colorado is at an all time high.

Colorado Substance Abuse Treatment Centers & Prevention

To prevent abuse the state of Colorado has also put together many community organizations including the Summit Prevention Alliance as well as the Eagle River Youth Coalition that provides programs for prevention for adolescents and youth. There are also federal grant programs to provide drug education across the state as well as participation from private organizations. In addition, Colorado is an avid participator in drug courts. These organizations provide effective treatment for users instead of incarcerating them.

Many treatment centers for substance abuse also exist in the state of Colorado for residents. The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration’s Treatment Data Base comes up with nearly 400 different centers in the state. These include:

  1. Colorado Mental Health Inpatient Rehab Centers for Substance Abuse – These programs believe that addiction is a disease and often treat it with medication. The success rate is fairly low at 3-8% recovery and the drugs used to treat addiction usually cause more problems for the addict.
  2. Colorado Detox Programs – Often lasting just a few days to two weeks many Colorado detox program use medical wind downs for those who will have severe and life threatening symptoms when they stop using drugs.
  3. Colorado Outpatient Treatment – Usually done a few hours a week, Colorado outpatient treatment allows the individual to stay in their environment during treatment.
  4. Colorado 12 Step Treatment – Also called traditional treatment, some programs use the oldest approach to handling addiction through the 12 Steps. This is usually a combination of meetings with some one on one counseling.
  5. Long Term Substance Abuse Treatment – Usually having the best success rate Colorado long term treatment can last anywhere from 3 months to one year. Some programs in Colorado incorporate wilderness and using the outdoors as a therapy into the rehabilitation. Others provide a holistic, alternative, non 12 step rehab or bio physical approach.

Colorado substance abuse rehabilitation does work if a person enrolls in a program that is long enough and provides the right type of treatment to get a result. According to an article from The Huffington Post 1 in 10 people recover from addiction. This number is higher for those who enroll in long term, residential, drug-free treatment.

Finding Substance Abuse Rehabilitation Help In Colorado

Getting help for a substance abuse problem can be very difficult. Some are embarrassed by their problem, while others do not have the strength to consider stopping the use of drugs or alcohol. If you or a loved one is struggling with an addiction in Colorado, call one of our qualified counselors and get into a substance abuse recovery program today.

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