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Can Bath Salts Really Kill You?

August 31st, 2012

Bath salts are traditionally marketed to people looking for a relaxing, therapeutic bath. But in recent years, in an effort to stay one step ahead of law enforcement, some nefarious people have been marketing a type of synthetic drug as “bath salts” that are available in smoke shops and convenience stores.

But these products are anything but safe stress-relievers. The toxic compounds used in bath salts have led to multiple deaths over the past year, including the death of a 19-year-old Colorado resident who died of strangulation, an effect of bath salts use.

Fortunately, law enforcement and health care providers are alerted to this new drug, which like any drug can be highly addictive, to some more than to others. Learning more about this drug and the importance of seeking treatment can help you save a loved one’s life.

Here Are the Facts on Bath Salts and Addiction

  • What are bath salts? Bath salts are a form of synthetic drug often made with chemical compounds that mimic the stimulating effects of mephadrone and methylone, both of which are banned by the Drug Enforcement Administration. Bath salts are sold at paraphernalia and convenience stores under names like Vanilla Sky and Purple Wave.
  • What are the dangers of use and addiction? Bath salts are highly addictive and produce severe physical and mental side effects. Users experience chest pains, rapid heartbeat, hallucinations, and paranoia. They also face increased risk of suicide and are more susceptible to irrational and violent behavior.
  • Why is treatment necessary? Continued use of bath salts alters the way the user’s brain functions, a classic symptom of addiction. Because this drug alters brain functions and is highly addictive, professional treatment is necessary for safe detoxification and rehabilitation. Additionally, a treatment facility can closely monitor the addict’s health, provide counseling, and teach skills to help avoid relapse into bath salts addiction.

Treatment Programs for Substance Abuse Are Best Equipped to Handle Bath Salts Addiction

Bath salts addiction can seriously harm one’s health and lead to death. Getting help at a professional rehabilitation center is imperative before your family becomes a part of the growing statistics related to this drug.

Take an important step toward safety and health by reaching out to us today. We’ll connect you to the best drug treatment centers in the land and answer any questions you might have. Your efforts can help you and your loved one create a better tomorrow.

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