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The third largest state in the country, California spans over 158,000 square miles. The state made it into the union in 1850 and has long since been a popular state for celebrities, people vacationing and promoted an easy and relaxing way of life. The state borders Oregon, Nevada and Arizona and its largest cities include Los Angeles or L.A., Long Beach, San Diego, San Francisco, and San Jose per California.gov.

Nicknamed “The Golden State” California has many attractions that tourists will travel thousands of miles to see. Some of these include Hollywood and Hollywood Blvd., Disneyland and the Golden Gate Bridge.

According to the State Department of Justice in the state of California crime is lowering in the state, however there is an ongoing drug problem throughout California that could change the crime scene drastically.

California Substance Abuse Treatment Information & Addiction Facts

Ranking above the national average at 9%, California has many citizens who have used illicit drugs over one month. Even more, at nearly 4% have used drugs other than marijuana. Unlike most states in the country California tops out at the highest number of treatment admissions for stimulant drugs. The primary stimulant abused in the state is methamphetamine.

Following this marijuana admissions come in second, then heroin, cocaine and other opiates. In the other opiate category, prescription pain pills account for the largest number of admissions to rehab.
One major problem in California is the trafficking of illicit drugs from the Mexican border. The area has had many methamphetamine seizures as well as marijuana seizures; the two drugs accounting for the most California residents needing treatment. Our counselors can help locate a California substance abuse rehab center today.

California ranks amongst one of the highest states in the nation for prescription drug addiction with between 5 and 6% of residents misusing prescriptions. In order to prevent the number of people abusing prescriptions in the state California has adopted the Controlled Substance Utilization Review and Evaluation System. This system has records of more than 100 million prescriptions allows various groups to regulate the use of these drugs including medical staff and law enforcement. The state also is involved with Take Back Programs to educate those on how to correctly handle and get rid of prescriptions so they are not taken and used non-medically.

California Substance Abuse Rehab Prevention

In an effort to prevent addiction, the state of California has started to use many drug free community programs. Some of these include the Alcohol and Drug Prevention Coalition as well as the Safety Wellness Advocacy Community Coalition.

Private treatment programs also have prevention curriculum such as Narconon treatment programs who deliver drug education to thousands every year in the state of California.

The state is home to some of the largest numbers of drug prevention groups in the country. What’s more interesting about California is the number of substance abuse treatment programs existing in the state.

California Treatment Facilities For Substance Abuse

California is home to some of the nicest and most expensive drug and alcohol rehabilitation and treatment programs in the world. Hundreds of different types of programs exist all throughout the state. There are the posh centers like Promises Malibu that many celebrities have frequented such as Brittney Spears and Charlie Sheen. There are also substance abuse rehab private facilities in California like Betty Ford Center and SouthCoast Recovery.

The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration reports that the state also houses many federally funded facilities including outpatient care, detox programs, 12 step programs and meeting for Narcotics Anonymous (NA), Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) short term inpatient and long term residential. In addition to this there are therapeutic communities, half-way houses and even religious programs that take over one year to complete.

California may easily have the most options for drug abuse recovery anywhere in the world. What is unique about the treatment in the state is also that many new aged holistic, bio physical and alternative substance abuse rehabilitation programs exist. These programs have a few things in common as far as the general idea behind the treatment therapy used to aid in recovery. They are:

  • Health is one of the main focuses in treatment. Some will use acupuncture, massage, equine therapy or even art or yoga as part of healing from addiction. Some even implement a physical component to help with cravings not using more drugs or surgery.
  • A holistic, alternative or bio-physical program is usually drug free. They do not use replacement drugs, anti-psychotic or anti-anxiety medications or mood stabilizers.
  • Many of these programs are long term in nature lasting at least 3 months and can run longer.
  • These types of programs typically have a higher success rate at 70% or more and advertise this.
  • The majority of these centers are private pay, accept some health private health insurance or have financing options.

Finding a substance abuse rehab program in California often takes talking with a licensed professional who can guide you on which programs get the best results and will work with your personal needs.

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