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Bath Salt Addiction and Rehab Options

April 5th, 2012

A synthetic powder available at “head shops”, online, and even some gas stations through out the country called “Bath Salts” are one of the newer substances people take to get high. With many names such as “Vanilla Sky”, “Hurricane Charlie” and “Zoom” these synthetic drugs contain some chemicals likened to amphetamines.
Although Bath Salts are fairly new and the short and long term effects are quite limited there is information indicating a high probability of substance abuse and addiction. Injected or inhaled the chemicals in Bath Salts act like other stimulants and have been compared with cocaine and crystal meth.

The chemicals in bath salts which are labeled “not for human consumption” are able to avoid the law which prohibits drugs that are “substantially similar” to classified drugs from being sold for human use.
Bath Salts, which were introduced in the UK, with the same skirting of the law by labeling them not for human consumption eventually made their way to the United States. Because the primary chemicals have not been declared illegal in most of the states it is very hard for the police or other law enforcement agencies to do anything to stop or prevent the ingestion of Bath Salts in any way.

There is a particular chemical in Bath Salts that has a high risk for overdose. As well, it has been shown that Bath Salts can induce heavy cravings that also indicate a high probability of substance abuse. Many of the ingredients in Bath Salts are unknown which makes using these drugs even more dangerous. There have been several instances of Emergency Room visits in the country linked to the use of Bath Salts with instances of increased heart rate, agitation, hallucinations, delusions, extreme paranoia, loss of bowel control and even kidney failure.

In an effort to counteract Bath Salts several states including Michigan, North Dakota and Kentucky have all started initiatives to ban Bath Salts as well as counties, cities and municipalities. Not to mention several bath salt drug rehabs are offering effective treatment for this tough addiction.

Notably, just in the first two months of last year there were over 250 calls to poison control about bath salts, which is over 215, more calls than in all of 2010 per Drugabuse.gov.

Bath Salts like any mind-altering drug can cause very bad reactions and as studies and medical reports have shown can be addictive and dangerous.

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