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Alcohol Abuse Rehab

Alcoholism, the physical dependence on alcohol, is one of the most common addictions, so common that, too often, alcoholics are the subject of jokes and ridicule.

But if you have a drinking problem, or know someone who does, you know it’s no laughing matter. You often think everything is fine, but don’t notice you only feel that way when you’re drinking. Alcoholism is so serious, that sometimes people die from it. That is why it is so vital to find an effective alcohol abuse rehab center.

What are the signs that you’re abusing alcohol?

You think you can control your drinking, but the problem is only getting worse. Maybe you find yourself doing one or all of these things:

  • Having more than one drink almost every night
  • Forgetting things you did while drinking
  • Lying to friends and family about your drinking
  • Spending more and more money on drinking
  • Needing to drink more alcohol to feel good
  • Only going places where you know alcohol will be served
  • Thinking you need to drink to have a good time
  • Feeling guilty about your drinking
  • Neglecting your responsibilities at home and work
  • Getting into legal trouble because of drinking.

You may only be dimly aware of the problems your behavior is causing those around you, but your friends and family notice. They don’t see the same person you once were—they only see a person controlled by alcohol.

The Deadly Consequences of Alcohol Abuse

One of the worst things about alcoholism is that the alcoholic often denies the problem. But when it comes to alcohol abuse, your intentions don’t matter, only the dire consequences of alcoholism.

Those consequences touch everyone around you not only because drinking has changed your behavior, but also because drinking has changed your body.

The physical side effects of alcohol abuse can be the most devastating.

  • Depression and anxiety
  • Memory loss and brain damage
  • Shaking and tremors
  • Impotence and loss of sex drive
  • Chronic insomnia
  • Malnutrition
  • Severe liver and gastrointestinal disease
  • Blindness
  • Increased risk of diabetes, cancer, stroke, and heart disease

Because abusing alcohol increases your tolerance, you need to drink more and more, increasing the physical deterioration alcohol abuse brings. And the longer the abuse goes on, the more damage it causes and the more helpless you feel.

Alcohol Abuse Detox Is One Safe Click Away

For most alcoholics, the thought of quitting is terrifying—going just a few hours without a drink can trigger excessive sweating, severe nausea and headache, and increased heart rate and blood pressure.

In some extreme cases, going cold turkey can lead to a fatal heart attack or stroke. Delirium tremens can set in, causing disorientation, hallucinations, dehydration, and seizures.

You can’t be sure what will happen to you if you try to quit drinking alone. Some alcoholics experience few side effects of withdrawal, while others have fatal or near-death experiences.

Professional detox is essential, and with our compassionate referral service, you can find the alcohol abuse rehab center that best suits your circumstances.

Alcohol Abuse Rehab Benefits and Options

During a medically supervised detox, you will have a safe and clean environment, away from your habitual temptations, with round-the-clock medical care. Especially during the initial stages of recovery from alcohol abuse, a professional detox treatment center offers the best chances for long-term success.

Detox today is more that just the stereotypical 12-step program, although that is one of many options. Many new therapies, including drug programs and alternative counseling, are showing promising results in helping people recover from alcohol abuse.

The first step is recovery is getting the help you need. Call our toll-free number now.But the first step is recovery is getting the help you need. Call our toll-free number now.

A professional counselor will talk to you, assess your alcohol abuse problem, and find the perfect detox solution for you.

You will be under no obligation, and your call will be completely confidential. But unless you call, your drinking problem will win in the end. Please call our toll-free number now.

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