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Founded in 1741, Alaska is one of the most unique land masses in the world. The oil and gas business has attracted many to the state; but Alaska also has many other productive industries such as wood and wood products, fisheries, tourism and even furs. The current population of Alaska is over 700,00 as reported by Info Please and the largest cities in the state include Anchorage, Fairbanks, Juneau, Sitka, Wasilla, Kenai, Ketchikan, Palmer, Kodiak and Bethel.

Alaska is home to many different ethnicities including many American Indians as well as Eskimos and Aleuts. Around half of all natives in the state are Eskimos.

Many tourists are attracted to Alaska because of the beautiful scenery including the Mendenhall Glacier as well as the Katmai National Park which is home to the “Valley Of Ten Thousand Smokes.”

The state also ranks in the top ten regarding illicit drug use among those over age 12 according the National Survey on Drug Use and Health. Alaska has been experiencing its own struggles with regards to substance abuse and addiction; however there are also solutions for those struggling.

Addiction And Substance Abuse Rehab In Alaska

The Alaska Drug Control Update from the White House Drug Policy contains very pertinent information about the current drug problem in Alaska. Overall abuse of illicit and prescription drugs is higher in Alaska at 11% which is 3% than the national average of 8%.

The state is ranked number one for the numbers of people using marijuana in comparison with the rest of the United States. Alaska also has the highest number of treatment admissions for marijuana. Our counselors can help locate Alaska substance abuse rehab centers today.

Following this is the growing problem of prescription drug abuse. Prescriptions account for the second largest number of treatment admissions in Alaska. Some of the most abused prescriptions are pain medications such as hydrocodone, Oxycontin and Vicodin. At last known time, Alaska was awaiting legislation to institute a Prescription Drug Monitoring Program in the state. The program would do the following to curb the prescription drug problem in Alaska:

  1. Monitor the use of prescription drugs.
  2. Recommend better disposal methods for prescriptions.
  3. Provide education to those using prescriptions (patients) as well as those prescribing them in the healthcare field.
  4. Use drug enforcement to cut down on pill mills and online pharmacies where many illegal prescriptions are being purchased from.

The Prescription Drug Monitoring Program would also track pharmacies to control the amount drugs given to patients and catch early warning signs of addiction. There are also many Drug Take Back Programs in the state to allow residents to safely dispose of unused or unwanted prescriptions so they are not taken and abused.

In addition to the prescription drug problem in Alaska, heroin is the third largest drug causing people to seek rehabilitation for substance abuse in Alaska followed by other drugs and then stimulants and cocaine.

Drug Prevention & Substance Abuse Treatment In Alaska

The state of Alaska has many programs for drug prevention as well as substance abuse treatment. There are many paid for by state grants such as juvenile programs such as the Anchorage Youth Development Coalition. In addition to this there are several other coalitions for drug free communities and substance abuse prevention.

The state also participates in the Drug Court program, allowing inmates to participate in treatment versus incarcerating them in Alaska.

Alaska is home to many private and public substance abuse rehabilitation programs as well. The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration shows many different options for treatment for Alaska Residents. There are Salvation Army programs throughout the state and in the city of Anchorage that deliver short term, long term and outpatient treatment to Alaska residents. There are also many other programs like Insight Therapy and Volunteers of American Alaska Assistance.

Getting the best results from a substance abuse treatment centers in Alaska is the main goal of enrolling in a program in the first place. Treatment centers usually follow this criteria:

  • They are longer than 90 days.
  • They provide residential care to clients.
  • Drugs are not used as a method of treatment.
  • The program is fully licensed and accredited by the Alaska Department of Mental Health.

The goal of the Department is to help improve the quality of life in Alaska. According to their web-site more than 20,000 people receive help in the state.

Don’t Wait For Substance Abuse Rehab Help

Waiting until it’s too late to get an Alaska substance abuse rehab help defeats the whole purpose of treatment. Alaska has an unusually high number of cases of substance abuse problems across the land mass. Finding effective solutions for these individuals will permanently free them from the problem and allow them to go onto lead drug-free and productive lives.

Our counselors can provide on point and personal assessments that lead you in the right direction with regard to finding an Alaska substance rehab facility for yourself or someone you know.

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